Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Belle Armoire Jewelry and a Little Ol' Challenge

When my copy came in the mail the other day I was still quite ill...and instead of being in the moment, I was worried because since I was sick, I didn't have any really "good stuff" in my shop to make a good impression on folks who might visit after reading my article. I had to remind myself to be as kind to myself as I would be to others in this situation....I took a deep breath and told myself that not having my shop chocked full of Intention Lockets was okay. That this illness was present in my life for reasons. To teach me to slow down a little. To be kinder to myself. To remember what is important. to name a few.
And it is hard for me to feel deserving of such an honor...to be alright with being included in a beautiful publication such as Belle Armoire Jewelry with so many jewelry artists who do so much more than just put things together. They forge and twist and mold and pour and sew and bead...and all I do is stick things to things with glue and add some beads and stuff. I think to myself, who the heck do I think I am?! Anyone could do what I do. You don't really have anything special. No one is gonna care about your lame stuff after looking at everyone else's beauties.
Once again, I gently remind myself of the things I'd say to someone else. What you do IS important. What you do is relevant. Your work is unique and valid. What you do brings joy to others, and that is what matters most....not how many lockets are in your shop this week or how many opportunities you have  to get yourself "out there."
Readers, I challenge you all to do the same.
So often we are not as good to ourselves as we are to strangers, to friends, to colleagues or family. The next time you want to crush your self worth, or talk yourself out of the stuff that dreams your are made of, think of my challenge this week. Change your inner dialogue. Say the kind things to yourself that you'd say to others. Be as kind and as loving to yourself that you would be to someone else....and I promise I'll do the same.