Friday, May 14, 2010

Reflections and Such

I like the way that small town life is reflected by the window of my van over my face in the photo above...this place has become a part of who I am. There is a sweetness earnestness and an ease...sidewalks shaded by Tulip trees and Maples...the stillness of a Sunday morning...The familiarity of it all is comforting to me these days and I am grateful for the precious people who remember who I am every where I go...hearing my name said out loud  makes me feel more real somehow...more whole. It is as if they are really saying,
"I see you Jennifer, and you're going to be ok."

...acquired this amazing cement Paw Paw Leaf from Anne at Everlasting Leaves is now one of my favorite rests with its pale gray roughness against the smooth lines and handles and subtle shades of other favorite belongings, on the little white china hutch my husband bought for me for mother's day this year.