Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Return to me,
my love,
as you have year after year
and think not
of the voices
in your sacred garden,
you know the ones,
that whisper your name
in each drop of dew
on the tips of
the lips of dawn....
you knew
you could see right through me
as you held my
heart to the light
to see
where the fern
and the wild flowers grow
and the cut glass
sparkle of the day
rises to meet
your eyes...

Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Public Show

Such sweet and lasting memories made last Saturday night...almost like a dream for me...I stayed up into the small hours of morning trying to come up with a solution for a coffee shop counter space display for my necklaces, and came up with an old washboard-suitcase-cigar box configuration with an old upholstery spring on top to hold things. It was an amazing evening with live music and some very talented vendors, not to mention the wonderful compliments from admirers of my work. I felt very much in my own element and I was reminded that though my beloved work is a solitary thing, I am very much a "people person."

Since I do love me some Blues, the ultimate highlight of my evening was a performance by the very talented duet, Method Star. I'm talking head to toe goosebumps folks. Head. to. toe. I am thinking of becoming an official groupie.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

as I cleaned out your top dresser drawer
only months after you left,
way in the back corner
under faded floral paper
(the scent long gone)
was the tiny glass cameo
that fell off of your necklace
so long ago…
the one you said he gave you
in 1968
as a token of his affection
before you knew
that his affection was already sleeping there
softly inside your belly.