Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Georgian Collets, Inspired by Anna Wintour

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collet in deep pink and gold
I've got new Georgian styled collets in the shop! These go beyond the Anna Wintour inspired collet necklaces that I have previously done. They are entirely my creations! and they are quite lovely.
hand antiqued jeweled collet in rosaline
collet in Montana Sapphire

The stones lay like little jeweled flags around your neck, and I have made them in many colors! You can see them in my Etsy Shop. Unlike the other jeweled collets that are worn short, these can be worn at varying lengths, so they are wonderful for layering!
layered collets in Peridot, Montana sapphire, and clear antique rhinestones with gold plating
I have gotten the sweetest compliments on these new "like little jeweled flags" collet styled necklaces...little labors of love, they are, but one that the brings satisfaction of creating something lovely. Something to be enjoyed and treasured. I've also been working on a few historical reproduction type pieces that I have seriously enjoyed creating...such a luxury to create these gorgeous and decadent jewels. I think custom orders are my favorite for this very reason!
sacred cake, emerald collet, jennifer valentine, etsy, vintage collet
Royal Emerald Collet with beautiful crown settings
sacred cake, jennifer valentine, collet, anna wintour, costume reproduction, ruby
Royal Ruby Collet
 Here is one I created out of a stunning vintage brooch sent to me by a sweet customer...a wonderful collaboration between she and I, that turned out swimmingly~
custom created collet in pale amethyst with vintage brooch
Did I already say how much I love doing custom work?

I'll be back very soon with a funny little bird story...
me and "birdie"
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Decorating Ideas with Vintage Jewelry

Just fun kind of post about what I've been doing with some vintage jewelry as home decor! Vintage jewelry can be found so many places...garage sales are probably the cheapest place, followed by thrift stores, flea markets and then antique shops. Also, online one Etsy and ebay!
The vintage rhinestone necklace stash above has come from several years of picking them up for a dollar or two, or tangled in one of the bags of junk jewelry I've purchased to make my assemblage jewelry out of.
My first idea was to use the vintage necklaces as curtain tie backs~
vintage rhinestone necklace tie back
vintage brooch, vintage multistrand curtain decor
 I use old  shabby pieces of lace held in place by vintage brooch to disguise an ugly lampshade, and an old multistrand vintage pearl necklace (bought for a song) to use to hold the curtain back from the window. I made a pendant lamp out of antique lace scraps as well. Here is the lace pendant lamp idea.
I love very shabbiest of things, and this old lace dress is a favorite that graces an old painted door that leads to the laundry room and storage area. Notice at the top of the hanger, I have put an old brooch. Very easy. Just close the brooch and slide the brooch over the end of the vintage hanger. This is a great way to display special jewelry that would otherwise be languishing unseen in a box somewhere. Behind the dress  is a holey old lace table cloth I added for more texture. I think when decorating with lots of shades of white, it is important to have layers and lots of texture.
The little felt and button heart pocket was a gift from my mother, and seems to go perfectly with this little vignette.
antique dress with vintage dry cleaner hanger and pearly brooch
for us, the shabbier, the better!

My husband and I both love super shabby things in shades of white mostly. We are slowly renovating our old home, but that doesn't mean that it can't be  enjoyed and decorated in fun ways in the meantime! I found a fun use for the pile of vintage necklaces, that I combined with the chandelier in my studio, which is already festooned with antique "Willow" children's tea set pieces and old chandelier crystals. The antique chandelier is from the early 1920's, and came with a gorgeous slag glass marble held in the center by long leaves of metal. I'm still considering painting it white eventually.
antique chandelier, tin Willow plates, rhinestone necklaces
assemblage chandelier with rhinestone necklaces and children's toys
The chandelier looks much better "in real life"...very sparkly! I don't have the best kind of camera...just a point and shoot type. As you can see, the ceiling is missing from the studio! I kind of like it, but I'm thinking it needs something else...maybe old doors or window frames? I'm thinking old linens and some tacks. I'm SO not wanting to do sheet-rock. Lord save me from sheet rock!

The butterfly mobile in the background came from a favorite Etsy shop called Royal Buffet. Mollie, the owner, has also written a wonderful book on paper craft which  I LOVE, (did I mention I am a paper hoarder?) 
Mollie's book is called ~ Make & Do: Paper Fascinations for Every Lovely Occasion.

antique mirror with paper garland and old brooch

 I often festoon mirrors and picture frames with broken brooches. The one above is a big rhinestone brooch that I glued on to a piece of filigree, then attached it tothe mirror with a tiny nail. The garland is something I made years ago for Christmas, but I like it so much I left it up. It says "Joyeux"...French word for "Joyous". I love the juxtaposition of sparkly things with shabby things.
I hope you like these ideas.. Please share them with friends. I'd love to hear your ideas as well!

Blessings to You and Yours,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Dream to Paint, 10 days can make all the difference

I met Jenny a couple of years ago, when I created a special assemblage necklace for her using a special thimble that belonged to her grandmother who had passed away. She and I have formed a special connection and I have watched her painting journey from the very beginning...always trying to encourage her along the way, to follow her dreams. She has the talent.

She has a dream to paint with Misty. She is asking for help.
so admire her for that.
So often when we want something so badly, we become frozen by worry and with wonder about how others will perceive we sit in silence while our heart aches for what we truly need. Some of us were raised never to ask for help...that it is a sign of weakness....a sign that we our out of control of ourselves and our lives. Not true.
Jenny is my hero. She has put herself "out there". She wants this so badly, she is willing to open herself and be vulnerable to rejection and negativity. I call that strength. Not weakness.
Do you have a dream?
What would happen if you asked those around you to help you achieve it? Even in the smallest way?
What is the worst that could happen?
The worst that could happen is that they could simply say no...then, move on to share your dreams with those that will be supportive and nurturing of it.
She is asking.
I am asking.
Please say yes.
Fostering her dreams will help you to foster your own. Trust that. Put it out there, and just see what comes back.

Donate button is on her Right sidebar on her blog right here~

Your presence here is warmly felt, and I am so grateful for it.