Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Dream to Paint, 10 days can make all the difference

I met Jenny a couple of years ago, when I created a special assemblage necklace for her using a special thimble that belonged to her grandmother who had passed away. She and I have formed a special connection and I have watched her painting journey from the very beginning...always trying to encourage her along the way, to follow her dreams. She has the talent.

She has a dream to paint with Misty. She is asking for help.
so admire her for that.
So often when we want something so badly, we become frozen by worry and with wonder about how others will perceive we sit in silence while our heart aches for what we truly need. Some of us were raised never to ask for help...that it is a sign of weakness....a sign that we our out of control of ourselves and our lives. Not true.
Jenny is my hero. She has put herself "out there". She wants this so badly, she is willing to open herself and be vulnerable to rejection and negativity. I call that strength. Not weakness.
Do you have a dream?
What would happen if you asked those around you to help you achieve it? Even in the smallest way?
What is the worst that could happen?
The worst that could happen is that they could simply say no...then, move on to share your dreams with those that will be supportive and nurturing of it.
She is asking.
I am asking.
Please say yes.
Fostering her dreams will help you to foster your own. Trust that. Put it out there, and just see what comes back.

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Your presence here is warmly felt, and I am so grateful for it.


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