Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage Georgian Collet Raffle and Assemblage Earring Giveaway!

I really want Jenny to make it to Italy. She has worked so hard to get half way there. She has been working hard and adding her own money, and painting these lovely things to auction off to make more. Jenny says, " Painting is my passion. The magical Misty Mawn is teaching a class in Italy at the end of September and I have been dreaming about going for a long time. I tucked the dream away thinking that is just wasn't possible on my salary. It was always there in the back of my mind prodding at me. I decided I didn't want my dream to dwindle away so I'm asking for your help to make it a reality."

georgian collets by Sacred Cake (value: 110.00)

Like I said in this last post  helping others foster their dreams somehow helps us to foster our own. It keeps us focused on what is real. What is good. What is relevant.
Love for humanity. For eachother.
At a time when the news is full of negativity and despair, there is always a flicker of light.
The God given goodness that resides deep within each of us, in this moment.
I am offering your choice of three of my best selling necklaces in a donations raffle! Entering the raffle is easy. Just choose the necklace you'd like to win, press the donate button at the bottom of this post, donate 5.00 or more, and specify which necklace you'd like to win! Each 5.00 increment counts as one entry.
You will also be entered in an earring raffle just for donating any amount! So, you have two chances to win.
Each 5.00 increment you donate will be entered in the drawing for the necklace you specify. This is HUGE!
Your choices~
vintage pale pink rosaline collet

vintage pink rosaline collet by Sacred Cake
A gorgeous pale pink jeweled collet that would make Marie Antoinette SWOON. Trust me, you won't want to take it off! Just type the word "pink" when you enter.
collet, citrine, giveaway, jenny wentworth
my daughter, Rebecca, modeling my necklaces
chunky pale yellow collet by Sacred Cake on Etsy
This lovely chunky pale yellow collet  will steal your breath when you see it in person. Trust me when I tell you that it is worth a five dollar donation to enter to WIN IT! Just type "yellow" in the text box when you enter.
and last, but definitely not least, this lovely assemblage piece~
"In Memory of Bees"
Bee and rhinestone assemblage necklace by Sacred Cake
This gorgeous vintage and antique assemblage bee necklace will become a favorite! Just write "bee" when you enter your donation.
Now for the extra special part! Even if you don't win a necklace, you will STILL be in the drawing for a pair of these~
vintage aqua assemblage earrings by Sacred Cake
and  these~
vintage rosaline earrings by Sacred Cake
and these~
orchid earrings by Sacred Cake

This donate button will take you to the safe and secure Paypal. Don't forget to specify which necklace you'd love to win. AND remember that EVERYONE who donates will get a chance to win earrings too!

Thank you for being here today.
Blessings and light to You and Yours,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

painting by Jenny Wentworth