Sunday, January 04, 2015

Bringing the Outside In, and UP

     Ever since I can remember, I have loved the outdoors. As a girl, I spent hours playing in the woods, and swimming in Lake Santa Fe. As a teen, I would take long walks in the country to study wildflowers and animal tracks. It was there that I found my solace.
     Whenever I feel out of sorts and out of touch, a quick drive to the local woodland park is so incredibly restorative. Just fifteen minutes with the sound of the brook in my ears and surrounding trees can carry me a long time.
     Since most of my day is spent upstairs in my attic-shaped studio/bedroom, I like to be surrounded by the things that I love the most...favorite artwork, my beloved cat Lucy, good music, white linens, and as much plant life as possible!

     The upstairs room is quite large, but it is shaped in such a way that I have only one full sized window, so I have utilized every spare inch of it with favorite woodland inspired pottery, plants, and the overflow of my antique cigar box collection.
     My husband gave me gifts this past Christmas of a coveted double boxwood topiary and a sweet old shabby stepladder among other treasures…perfect additions to my ever crowding shabby pink plant table.

AH!More of what my heart desires; bringing the outside, in.
I added the ladder next to the old stool that holds a vintage watering can full of an unknown(to me) plant that blooms prolifically with beautiful purple flowers through fall and winter, then goes dormant in Spring and summer…odd, but true! It likes that window, and is accompanied by Baby’s Tears, fragrant English Lavender, delicate Rabbit’s Foot Fern and a Weeping Somethingorother. I have, by no means, a green thumb! There have been casualties over the years, but for the most part, I do fairly well for someone who doesn’t know much about plants!
I know what is manageable for me and I just keep it very simple.
I hope somehow this has inspired you, especially if you work from home and need a little lushness in your space.
If you cannot go out, just go UP!

Woodland Pottery by Leaves of Clay