Monday, May 23, 2011

Unconditonal Love and the Dead Bee Heart

I raised my voice at my 6 year old yesterday. It happens rarely and he is very he writes me a note. I have only gotten two notes so I guess I'm doing ok. I was having a particularly difficult morning and in my frustration to try and get him motivated to get ready for school, I told him he needed to get dressed, NOW. As I went about getting myself together for the day, this note appeared on my dresser, quite matter of factly. Delivered by a frowning and resolute little boy.   

Needless to say, it immediately lifted any frustration or crabbiness from my mind and replaced it with laughter and gratitude. It has been said that our children are our greatest teachers. I believe it.
His frustrated scribbles inside a cut out heart shape said it all. I think it is about unconditional the love we have for our the love that God has for us. No matter how much we "mess up". No matter how many mistakes we make or how often we stray, God will always accept us back into the fold of his heart, dead bees and all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New One of a Kind Jewelry and a Coupon Code Just for You

I've been trying out some new ways to photograph my work...and I really like it. it seems to be more me. To celebrate the new "look", I'm offering a discount code for 15% off all items: MAYFLOWERS
Just click the images to be taken to the shop to see what else is new!
Blessings and Light,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gifts of Love

I just want to share with you some unexpected joy I've received, just because. Sometimes I feel so unworthy of such gifts...but when I'm feeling like I've been feeling lately, I'm so grateful for their presence here around me.
Last night I wrote these words: "I don't have the strength to fight for me today. I just want to sink into this bed and these soft feathers and old quilts into oblivion....simply fade away like dusk...leaving a trail of stars. I'm really not afraid to die. I think I'm afraid of what I'll miss...will I be looking down on my children from heaven or visiting in their dreams, like my father does to me...?
the constant daily pain and creeping numbness have just become something I've learned to live with, but this disease scares me. Why this slow decay? Why now the fumbling hands as I try to create? Why, after 40 years of living, have I finally found my creative joy, only to have it taken from me bit by bit?"

This morning, I awoke feeling a little better. The cats are all out playing in the is overcast and cool. My dear husband is outside transplanting clumps of violets and wildflowers and daffodils from the back edge of the yard to the front, around our statue of Mary and around the side of our home...It's quiet except for the red winged blackbirds and sparrows tweeting in the trees next door... I hear his shovel turning soil and the hose spraying and the soft sound of curtains breathing in and out with the gentle morning breeze. Life is so incredibly good sometimes I am moved to grateful tears. And then I feel rotten about complaining about anything. I know there are people out there that have it so much worse than I can ever imagine...but it doesn't change my story or my struggle for some semblance of a "normal" life.

Jenny Lee Wentworth sent me this painting recently! It was a complete surprise! and such a delight...I cherish it....and the incredible thoughtfulness and selflessness that went into her work. She even used real egg shells at the bottom and lace from one of her favorite worn out shirts along the bottom. I love the colors and the softness and the words....her blog is a gentle space where she shares her journey into painting and into life itself...wide open to possibility and hope. You can find it here.

My dear friend Carissa Paige is another dear soul who sends me the sweetest things...this just came for my birthday this year and I'm filling it with favorite letters and things.
top of the box
bottom of the box
How sweet is that? It is a big wooden cigar box, painted and screen printed with one of my favorite girls...Carissa Paige is another gentle and dear spirit that I am so grateful for...her etsy shop is exploding with pastel color and movement! You can see it right here.
sweetness from Carissa
Last for today, but definitely not least, sweet Corinne from September House sent me this amazing unexpected gift! I love love love her sweet necklaces..I had ordered a custom necklace with queen anne's lace after I wrote this post...something about the hand embroideredness of them...and the simplicity in design and sweetness that I love. I lost that necklace somewhere along the way and ordered another recently. It came as a gift instead, from Corinne...I cherish it!
I just wanted to share a bit of life with you today...and some things that make me smile. I hope you have (or had) an amazing day today!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Checking In to Say Hello!

I couldn't stay away for too long. Been busy creating custom vintage assemblage jewelry orders! I wanted to share with you some haircombs I created for a sweet person in the United Kingdom. I had to take the photos with my ipod because my camera the picture quality is terrible...but you get the idea anyway. She wanted vintage elements in gold leaves with diamonds and pearls...

I hope you are all doing well....I'm working on some small changes to the etsy shop...making new pretty little keepsake boxes to send the jewelry in, made with vintage wallpaper cut outs. I'll show them as soon as I get my new cheapy camera from walmart! They're pretty cute! Also, new earring cards...oh, and I'm making lots of new earrings and such. Come back soon, ok?