Friday, November 28, 2014

Fashioned by Time, Assemblage Jewelry

For this assemblage necklace, I used a bit of antique netting and lace for the "chain" and ancient rhinestone bits along with a vintage buckle and a very old St. Dymphna medal.
St. Dymphna Free Me, assemblage necklace
For me, each old piece is a work of art in itself...fashioned by time and travel without my intervention. These timeless strays, once lost, now found and re-purposed into a little wearable work of art.  I think the missing rhinestones and verdigris gives them character and mystery. Perfection in imperfection.
--still my favorite pieces to create.
Holy Mystery, assemblage necklace

Friday, November 14, 2014

NEW Anna Wintour Collet Necklaces at Sacred Cake

This holiday season, it's all about the sparkle here at Sacred Cake! But wait, it is always about the sparkle over here isn't it? These new collet necklaces that I have created do not disappoint. My work is inspired by the antique collet necklace collection of Anna Wintour, and these new pieces are so yummy and so versatile.
anna wintour necklaces
NEW Topaz collet necklace, "Illumine"
"Northern Lights" collet necklace

Anna Wintour Style at a great price!
Shine on!
Find your special sparkle this season at Sacred Cake on Etsy!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

In the Leaving

I haven't written in so long, but today I was prompted, perhaps by divine suggestion, to write. I found this poem in its raw form, handwritten on a rumpled piece of stationery on the floor as I was cleaning...with no idea where it came from or when I wrote it. A poem about a poem that I never wrote.

In the Leaving

“In the Leaving” was the title of a poem I once wrote,
Though I never finished it
Or even began it really.
I could never truly imagine life without you.
Perhaps it would be like an expanse of dark and time;
Like being wholly separated from God.
Separated from hope.
You are my savior of sorts
And “In the Leaving” fills me
With a silent knowing,
Yet it can still mystify me
Like the line of a song that I cannot remember,
But it is on the tip of my tongue.