Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm still here...just resting a lot.
But I've made some vintage assemblage jewelry for the Etsy shop, that I'm pretty pleased with:

I am giving a lot of thought to the idea of having a New Year's "word" seems to be the thing to do these days. I imagine it means having kind of a "power word" for the new year...or a focus word...
The whole New Year's resolution thing just seems to set me up for disappointment in myself. Last year I only had one resolution: Wear more necklaces.Yes, that's it! And you know, not only did I end up wearing more necklaces than I ever have, I made and sold a lot of necklaces too!
So maybe there is something to the whole resolution thing. But maybe we should be more gentle and playful with what we resolve to do. How about some easy things like pick more flowers or watch more old movies? Last year was the first year that I didn't say to myself, "This year, I resolve to loose 30 pounds." "Work out 4 days a week." "Walk for an hour every day."
,,,and well, it was so much more FUN this past year. There was no pressure. Nothing in my resolution to feel like a failure for. Nothing to fill me with dread and self doubt.
I encourage you to be kind to yourself. Make one or two goals/resolutions, but be sure to add in some fun and humor and gentleness.
I think this year I will resolve to write more....postcards, letters, journaling and such. There is something about the actual written word that means so much more than a typed one. Almost as if the essence of the writer is captured in the ink and paper. I like that.
This year, I'm thinking of words like "travel", "true", "mend", "heal", and "simplify"...can I have more than one word? Who made up the one word rule anyway?

Do you have ideas for kinder, gentler resolutions? I really would love to hear them.

Friday, December 17, 2010

What Does Your Heart Say?

Tonight I am thinking about the song of my life.....the song of my heart.......
with the sound of the cats romping about,
and the sound of my teenagers' laughter in the next room,
and the sound of my favorite music by Patty Griffin and Michael Hoppe on the player;
the sparkle of the snow outside when the light dances from the window,
and the taste of a warm cup of Chai tea...
the symphony of breathing in and breathing out, coming from the next room as my little son and husband sleep deeply;
carried by dreams...the secrets of the night...
as I type here tonight at the desk next to my jewelry table, I am surrounded by paintings and artwork by the most incredible people:
 MarinaCathi, Michael, my beloved Ken, Carissa, Susan, my mama, Randal and my sister Kelly Rae who's quiet voice asks me each day in the sweet  words of my favorite print: "What does your heart say?"
And I say back to it that my heart says to love. Love with everything I've got...because love is really all there is. Love is the only thing I truly own, and it is meant to give away.
In this space I find myself surrounded with the evidence of it....letters and cards from dear and loyal customers and friends...precious offerings of Autumn leaves and special gifts from my sweet husband...
Yes, my heart says to love with wildest abandon. Hope for all things. Cherish family. Make amends. Laugh loud. Embrace each season of the earth, and each season of my life...

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” H. D. Thoreau

Tonight I am thinking of you out there...and I am sending you love and light tonight. I thank you for being here and sharing your precious time with me.  For sharing this space.  For reading my words. For taking the time to leave sweet and thoughtful comments....I sound sappy, I know, but life has taken on such a different meaning for me since I've been sick so often.  Each day of wellness becomes this jubilant gift...a celebration...a triumph.

(And my darling Ken, my K.W., I know you are reading this too, and I want you to know how precious and rare you precious and how rare. I love you so...)

Goodnight dear ones...

my feeble attempt at modeling one of Marina's necklaces
 wearing my favorite vintage sweater. Is my hair really that red?! oops.
good thing my husband is color blind.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's 2 a.m. and I'm Thinking About You

Precious baby boy True...Right now I'm thinking about your mama, my sister, and how your smile looks so much like hers. I'm thinking about your eyes and how they shine and I wonder if they will be the prettiest green; like hers. I'm thinking about how your tiny breath would feel on my neck as I rock you to sleep and sing to you the song of pretty horses...the same one I sang to her in the night. Night after night to soothe her in the darkness.
I'm thinking about how the tiny bubbles in your bottle as you drink must sound almost the same as hers did, while she lay next to me more than 30 years seems like it was just yesterday. (it's a dumb old cliche, I know, but I don't know how else to say it.)
I hold a lot of your mama's memories, you know, and someday I hope to hold some of yours too....and I promise I'll keep them safe, like hers. And I'll bring them out later when you have a birthday or need reminding or maybe you need to remember where you came from if you get lost along the way. So many times, your mama has found me when I was lost along the way. She is such a remarkable person and you; well you are a very very lucky boy.
I think of you every day and I am so grateful to see your smile, even if it is just a photograph. When I see your little face on the screen my breath catches in my throat. I hold you  in my heart and in my thoughts always. Since you've been born, life seems lighter somehow. Greener. The hard things seem a lot less important.
Sweet child, you are a lantern in the darkness. You are hope. You are healing.
You are True.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What I Was Up to Before I was Rudely Interrupted

I'm out of bed this afternoon, just for a bit though to say hello. 
I had grand plans this past week. Oh yes, I had plans. But my body? Well it had other plans....
I've been very sick these past several days. Sicker that I ever thought possible. Complete with ER visit and scary low blood pressure that almost got me admitted.
I am just now feeling a little better, and aside from being happy about the obvious, spending time with my family;
My thoughts turn to my passion, my jewelry making...
My grand plans are laid to waste, I think to myself while looking wistfully at the small pile of earrings and bracelets I made to put in the shop.....before it came along. I wonder to myself what I am supposed to take from all of this. I thought I was grateful to be well before. I thought that the worst was behind me and I wanted to jump back and kiss myself because I felt so good to feel good again. But no. Before was just a kiddie ride. Just being able to get out of bed and stay upright for as long as I've taken to write these words means I am finally on the mend. And I am ever ever so grateful. The curtains are flung open to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland that wasn't there before. The sounds of life all around me are a sweet symphony...

I've got new things coming to the shop very soon. I must say, I love the new cuff bracelets the most. They give me a great opportunity to use some larger buckle pieces from my collection that I can't use for necklaces.

I'd like to thank all of you who have sent well wishes, notes of hope and love to me. It means so much.

antique buckle cuff bracelet
depression glass dangle earrings

Art Nouveau flowers with Haskell filigree
These things and more will be coming to the Etsy shop very soon. I am having a sale through Christmas of a total of 20% off of everything in the shop if you use the discount code "WONDERLAND" at checkout.
(now, back to bed...)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wishbone Chandelier

I bought this pin this morning.
Wanted to let you know.
It is a wishbone pin, Dad.
I bought  it for myself
because today is your birthday.
Bet you thought I didn't remember.

For so many years
I always meant to call,
but I never knew what to say.

I was 8 and
my first memory of you was how you hung
wishbones on your
chandelier to dry.
And you took one down
and we each held the delicate bone
(always pulling in opposite directions)
and made a secret wish together.
I remember I got the larger piece,
so my wish was supposed to come true.
But it just never did.
And now you are gone from me
You left without saying
Left me with nothing.
but this dead birthday phone call

and this damn
wishbone chandelier.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Adventures of Cutie Bear (named by my 5 year old) and the Christmas Tree

This year, it has taken me quite awhile to decorate the tree. I just finished wiring on the last vintage chandelier crystal last night...and debating on whether to make paper chain this year.... We have two new kittens in the house, which bring us so much joy, but they also bring us exercises in patience! I have had to actually wire the ornaments on to the you can see in the video, I've done a nice job so far. And only two glass icicle casualties so far this year.
I've been told to squirt the kittens with a squirt gun to train them to stay out of the tree, but I just don't have the heart to do alas, every now and again I hear the tree tinkling loudly in the other room and smile to myself for a job very well done.

In other news, the sale in my Etsy shop is still in full swing until December 1st. I have everything marked at 5% off, then you get another 20% off with coupon code: THANKSGIVING2010
See you soon!
Love and Light,
Cutie at Rest. (Thank God.)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Unique Display Idea, Cat Eye Glasses and Antique Letters

I bought several ancient, (as in late 1800's) blue shutters from an antique shop quite some time ago for 5 bucks a piece...they still have the original hardware on them and they are all this amazing pale blue color. I didn't have to do a thing to them but clean them up a little. This one, I use for a display piece in my living room...on which, I hang a vintage lingerie/pants hanger with amazing red clips that really add a little punch to the display.....and on said lingerie/pants hanger I have clipped a beloved antique green satin purse in which I display some of our favorite antique letters, postcards, and a pair of our favorite vintage cat eye glasses. More glasses from our collection are just inserted in the slats.

This is by far, my most favorite display. I hope it inspires you to be more playful in your home too.
Let me know what you're favorites are and maybe I can do a post about it? I'd love to see!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winners of the Giveaway!

Today was a very busy kind of day...and I wasn't able to include photos of what the winners will receive...but I can promise they are very "perty".
The new name for my sweet old dress form is.....

Miss Fern Tatterly

So, Carissa and Irma, you are the winners!

Thank you all for all of the amazing name suggestions!
Can the winners contact me with an address?

Another giveaway coming visit again soon...I'm really liking this giveaway thing!

I hope everyone has a joyful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sale in the Etsy Shop! (lots of new things!)

Just a quick note to let you all know that Etsy now has a coupon code option! It is about time! So, to celebrate "black Friday", "cyber Monday" and Thanksgiving, I am offering 20% off of EVERYTHING in the shop! Woohoo! This is on top of FREE shipping on almost everything! It doesn't seem like a lot, but it is once you do the math.
Use this code (be sure to use all caps) until December 1st:
to get your discount. So come see me at, or just click on the section at the bottom of this post to get there.
I'll be announcing the winner of the beautiful Mudluscious pottery giveaway tomorrow morning. I can't decide on a name (they were all sooooo good!) so I am going to draw names from my hat.
Thanks to all of my sweet readers for taking the time out if your day to spend it here. I am so grateful...see you tomorrow!
Love and Light,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Found Her...Now to Whom Do I Owe My Kingdom? and a very Beautiful Giveaway!

A while ago, I spoke here of needing an "old dummy" to use to photograph my work. While browsing in an antique store I found her. She was hiding behind a large oak cabinet. I didn't see her until I was actually on my way out of the shop. I asked the owner, "How much for this old sewing bust?" (then I held my breath, waiting for for him to quote a larger amount than my wallet could bear)and he said, "Oh, how about fifteen dollars?" I acted like that is the amount I expected, though inside I was screaming, "YES! YES! YES!"
Now, she isn't the greatest, but she'll do ok. I'm thinkin' maybe she needs a cover of some sort...but I do like her aged appearance...
Here she is dressed in a vintage slip, Victorian mesh vest undergarment and thrifted lace top, and my necklaces.

I'd like to name her! Any suggestions? The best name (first and last names) wins something very special and quite beautiful from my most favorite pottery artist, Michelle Stambaugh at Mud-Luscious Pottery.
I am quite smitten with her work and she just opened her etsy shop. I love her posey pockets and her pressed mud earrings are so divine! And I think her bird puddles are the most amazing and stunningly beautiful idea...just perfect for a shallow pool the garden or a platter for the table...I have several of her pieces and I can tell you, you really do want to win something! I'll choose the name Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Stop by her new etsy shop and show her some love, ok?

Pressed Mud Earrings
Posey Pocket

Bird Puddle

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tin Toy Ornament Ideas

I have a fondness for old toys. The more beat up, the better! I like to think of the many lives they have had and the little hands that played with them and loved them....
Though I bought them with assemblage in mind, I decided to make ornaments with them this year, using vintage crystals and some wire....pretty simple to do. And fast. That's a real plus when life goes by at the speed of light as mine does! I know now why some folks (like me this year), put their trees up in November. I want to make Christmas last as long as humanly possible. Having an amazing artificial tree (thanks mom) that we've had for many years makes that possible! I love white lights, glass icicles, vintage chandelier crystals and old toys on the tree. I'd love to have antique and vintage photographs on the tree, but we are having trouble keeping the kittens out of it. I don't worry about the glass ornaments because I actually wire them onto the branches! Ah, well....we really get such joy from our animals!
Vintage Blue Willow Child's Tea Pot Ornament

Simple directions for the ornaments:
Drill small holes in the top and bottom of the plate and add wire and crystal as desired....for the tea pot, just insert a small dowel into the spout and drill a small hole to insert the wire and crystal.
I have more ideas for ornaments, so check back again soon!
Oh, yes, I also tie vintage toy guns, from my husband's collection,onto the tree with antique lace. I guess because a many decades ago, they would put presents on the tree...reminds me of simpler times, you know?
Vintage toy Derringer

Vintage Tin Toy Ornaments

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Old Things...

I've got some new things in the Etsy shop...I'm wishing I could stay at my little old shabby desk all day and create...want to make more of these assemblage mirror pieces too...I have a little show of sorts coming up. A meet and greet at a new shop in Coloma and I am very excited! Pictures will describe what I can not, so come back again soon, ok?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Delicate Dormancy

Branches that braille the morning sky, or the evening sky, have always been a favorite of mine. I love the skeletal branches that end in the tiniest wisps....
So too, this pattern is repeated over and over the veins of leaves...the veins and capillaries in our rivers and streams....
when in Chapter Four of my sister Kelly Rae's book I spoke of finding the fall leaf and the wonder of it; and asked how something that was so simple, yet so complex could be an was my subtle nod to the existence of a great subtle mention of God.
As I turn in for the night, exhausted from a day well spent, I am reminded with this photograph of how fortunate I am that one of my most favorite things has become something as simple as an empty tree against the sky...even when entirely void of its colorful leaves, there is still something so exquisitely beautiful to me about its delicate dormancy...On it's surface, it seems lifeless in its frozen reach for sky...but inside, hope lives on quietly through the winter ...saving itself until the next burst of spring.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scenes from My Life, a very brief photographic and imperfect history of this week

Man, I love the photo filters on Picasa. That way I can just over soften the crap out of my face and make it look like I did it on purpose, but really it is because I am trying to cover up adult acne, no makeup and greasy hair. Did I type that out loud just now? My youngest doesn't mind the greasy hair and adult acne though, as long as we can have some camera fun. 
Alice likes to help fold the white sheets. Only, they aren't dry yet....
Baby Cutie likes to shred my favorite dried hydrangeas.
view from less than clean huge picture window in front of the house...but how I do love watching that huge tree change with the seasons. BLISS.

I live in a bright purple and dark gray house with cheap brown carpet throughout, but it is home and it is easy to vacuum. We have 8 cats (7 of whom are of Tabby persuasion )... kind of like Jennifer's home for boringly colored cats that no one else wants. Soon I will get several color coded cat collars so I can tell them apart without seeing their faces...and I'll also take out a small loan to feed them all every day. I have 5 children (three of which are older teens)(one of which is 23) (one of which is 5) I'm 41. Do the math and then take a photograph of your face when you realize how old I was when I had my first and how old I was when I had my last and how many years between the youngest teen and the youngest and send it to me. I haven't seen that look in awhile and it always entertains.
I work at a kind and colorful Hippie Shop on Tuesdays where I often get amazing free organic soap and rarely sell my jewelry or anything else.
I don't own a flat screen TV. Everything I wear comes from Goodwill, except for my jewelry. If I am not wearing something I made, then I am almost always wearing something that wonderful fanciful she made.
I love Yoplait yogurt. I could eat several a day if I could get away with it. Sometimes I do get away with it. I have healthy intestines. I also have a healthy appetite for anything sweet and creamy.
My sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, because I chose to blog and post jewelry instead, but my counters are very clean.... at least the last time I checked.
This morning, my youngest fed me a mini Butterfinger from his Halloween stash for breakfast as I lay in bed. The best breakfast I've had in ages.
I don't rake my leaves because I like the way they look bunched up around the yard.

Just basic little pieces of a most amazing life...because I choose to see it that way. Because it is. It is amazing in the simplest of I seek the sacred in the ordinary each day. I love my life more now than I have ever loved it before. It is all in the way it is perceived. It isn't perfect and therein lies the beauty of it. The perfection in the imperfection.

The perfection
in the

Monday, November 01, 2010

Weekend Creating and Gratitude

Health is slowly returning to me and I am ever so grateful. I had a productive weekend creating what I think are some of my prettiest things ever.
Citrus Earrings
Blue Blue Dream of You Earrings

Emerald Dreams Necklace

 I have to resist the urge to stay up into the small hours of the morning working to catch up on all the work I've missed this past month that I've been so ill. I guess in a way I feel like if I am not constantly working and creating and photographing and posting that I'll fade away....that I'll be buried in the history of the internet...that I'll loose customers and momentum and my little business that I've worked so hard to establish will die away. I know in my heart it isn't so.
I've realized the value of time. The feel good time. Family time. Reading time. Dreaming time. Time to just be still (which is something I am just not used to at all). I've learned to slow down much more and savor the process of the jewelry I create. I've learned that my heart's work will always be waiting for me. Maybe that is what this whole thing about being sick was about.  I do know this; I value the good days so much more than I ever have! That is what I am taking away from this experience.
Many many thanks to all of my dear friends who have sent kind words, cards and care packages during this rough time. I feel the love and the light....and I hope that you can feel it coming right back.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Kingdom for a Really Old Dummy

I've been at it again. Trying to capture assemblage necklaces in a realistic neck-like way on an old coat hanger...well, at least I've finally figured out that I can use old hat pins to pin the necklace on to the hanger to give it a more neck-like appearance, but then I'm thinkin' it might just look like a pinned up lab specimen...? I have been searching for the right mannequin for the looooongest time, but to no avail. I've found plenty that I love, but they are all just way out of my price range, but a girl can dream can't she? These are the stuff of my dreams these days. Kinda funny huh? I keep hoping that one day, the perfect one will appear to me, accompanied by the perfect price tag.
This one offered by FrenchbyDesign is one thing I dream of...oh's quite perfect. And if the number on it is the actual size, then the size is right too.

Oh, but then there's this one offered at TopsyDesign...This is the stuff of my dearest dreams people...I so have plans for this gal. In my dreams I festoon her with tiny lights and bits of old tattered lace and Victorian slips. She would display my necklaces so perfectly in the corner of the room by the southern-ish window where the light is perfect and she is always waiting. No more begging, bargaining with and urging my busy teen-age daughters to change their top and sit still while they model my assemblage necklaces! Now I just need about a grand and she can be mine forever. I love the stand and the casters and everything. Pretty nifty eh?
Ah well. We all need something to reach for right? Something to hope for. Sometimes I wonder if I would be as happy if I could afford everything my heart desired...though I really don't desire many material things much anymore. I'm pretty happy with my stacks of old suitcases and the occasional antique ironstone indulgence. I'm really very fortunate in that the things I adore are usually found in dumpsters or are so shabby no one else wants them so I get them for a dollar.
Anyway, this is what I've been doing these days for a pseudo mannequin. Pins and an old hanger.Today was cloudy more than not, so not a good day for photographing things on my favorite white door on my favorite old hanger pretty close to my favorite southern-ish facing window. But not quite close enough or light enough to really get a very high quality shot. (I don't think it helps that I don't use a tripod, though. Better think about that one too.)
(assemblage locket necklace taken on the door after lots of sharpening and tweaking and lightening. still not a very good shot and not good enough for listing in the shop yet.)
(vintage assemblage red glass earrings taken by southern-ish window today when the clouds broke away from the sun. These are ready to list.)

(vintage assemblage crystal earrings photo taken by the same southern-ish facing window today. These are ready to list too.)
I spent some time taking a bunch of really poor quality photos today! I have several necklaces made and ready, but I'll have to do a picture retake tomorrow if the light is good. Thank you for sharing a little of the whole process with me...and a little of the old stuffed stuff I dream of!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two Hands

Fundraising efforts were not in vain, though somehow I feel like I've failed. Where did I go wrong? Only four people left comments. Did no one want to donate? Did no one want earrings? Was that a dumb idea? Did I not spread the word enough? Who do I think I am?! These questions flow through my mind as I write today. I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I was able to raise almost $70.00, which is better than nothing, but less than I expected. I guess I just really wanted the response to be more.  I am hoping  that folks donated something and just didn't want to leave a comment about it. I am hoping that at least people are more aware of the water and aids crisis in Africa. There are thousands of orphaned children because their parents died from Aids. Young children raising their own siblings, and with a water crisis heaped on top of that. That doesn't happen here in America. These people are people just like you and I. They don't feel any less or need any less of the basic necessities.

I want to thank those who donated and left a comment, and those who even bought some of my work, knowing that some of their money would help a child in need. Because I am so grateful, all of those who helped me in my effort will receive a free pair of beautiful earrings! (So, those of you who left a comment, please contact me with your metal and color choices!) It brings me such joy to be able to do this!

Because donations will be matched  for the next ten or so days, Our contribution will grow to 140.00...that is a nice chunk of change eh? So if you haven't donated and you are reading this today, there is still time to double your efforts! Just click on the image next to this post and it will take you to the site.
I leave you with a video by "Jars of Clay" who work tirelessly for this cause...using their gifts to make a difference in so many lives not only in Africa, but all over the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something as Simple as Water

I've been following Blood: Water Mission for quite some time now. It is a project that has a hold of my heart. Of all the things we take for granted in this world, would water be in the top three? Number one?
For the next two weeks only, any donations you make to Blood: Water Mission will be matched dollar for dollar. I am willing to donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of any of my jewelry from this day, Wednesday October 20th until midnight on Saturday, October 23rd to a cause I hold very dear. Something as simple as clean water can change the lives of millions...a well, a water tank, or a simple water filtration container can drastically decrease disease and help communities and children to thrive. Children walk for miles each day to fetch water for their families instead of going to school. Imagine what having water nearby can do for countless communities across Africa. Water is a luxury we in America have all been born with. This precious resource has always been just a few steps away for us....just as far away as the kitchen sink. We take showers in it and bathe in it. We water our grass with it. We wash our cars with it. Please help give it to others who were not so fortunate to be born into having clean water within immediate reach...with the simple turn of a faucet handle.
I will have a special posting on Sunday about the donation I made that morning, in your honor, to Blood:Water Mission. All participants who leave a comment and make any kind of donation (even without buying any jewelry from my shop!) will be entered for a drawing for a pair of free custom vintage assemblage earrings made by me, just for you. In the color of your choice. You must leave a comment and say that you made a small donation to be entered into the drawing.
Today, do something beautiful...give the gift of water to a child today. Then in just a few days, you will find something beautiful in your mail box  to remind you of those you have helped. My shop is right here:

Blessings to You and to Yours,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

Cyanika Sector, Rwanda from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Old Rotary Phone with God Again

Hi God, It's me.
Hey listen, I've been told that I should not talk about my illness because somehow it will manifest itself more fully if given a voice...that I should not ever speak of it...especially not on my blog. And it brings folks down. My blog is supposed to project an image that people want to be a part of. I am selling a fantasy that goes a long with my work. People don't want to read about negative things such as being sick and diseases. What's your take on that?

Well, but then I have also been told that my story needs to be told. Tell your story; I read so often how important ones story is and how healing it is to tell it. Is that more true than what I just said before? I'm a little confused. Which one should I choose?

I have been told that it is ok not to be a Pollyanna all the time and to find the brighter side of just be angry for awhile at You for the hand I've been dealt. I kinda like that idea, but it just isn't me. Then there is the guilt though. The guilt I feel for even complaining when so many have it so much worse, God. I know you know.
I am aware of this.
I am aware of how good I really do have it. I am. I am even acutely aware each time I walk to my kitchen faucet to fill up my cup with clean fresh water for my tea...each time I take a shower or a bath...
I donate part of my earnings to Blood: Water Mission just for that reason. But you already know that, right? You know I try to make a difference any way I can......yeah........
But you know God, being aware of the struggle that others have does not make my daily physical life better. I wake up so much more grateful for the day you have given, though I can barely move. I am acutely aware of the gift of each day...the beauty which I revel in...the joy I find in living in the moment; though each day there is a moment that I hold a bottle of narcotic pain killer in my hand and decide if the pain is bad enough today to take it, because I am terrified of becoming addicted to the only thing that makes me somewhat comfortable.
You see me. I know.
and uuuuuuummmmmmm, soooooo
my thoughts are almost always positive and good and I try to live in the moment God, but in the back of my mind, IT is always there, like a heavy appliance on my back. And IT whispers in my ear; will today be the day?  and IT says, if you are this bad now, imagine what you will be like at 50.
Then then your voice comes to me and says, this will all become clearer to you later on...the reasons for all of this. Isn't that what you believe? Don't you believe in me? And you put your hand on my shoulder. I like it when you do that....I like that a lot, you know. It comforts me.
I feel your presence. Even when days are difficult. I feel you in the laughter of my the color of the fall the gentle touch of my husbands the words and gifts from friends....and even though I get angry, it melts away soon enough. I still love you and all that you are...I still believe.
I just thought I'd call. Sorry for the long message, but I know your answering machine has no end. Thanks for that.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Retro Treasury Today

I feel so fortunate to be included in all of these amazing treasuries on Etsy! You can see them here.
This one is the most recent, and it includes my Good Night ring. It was created by!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I've been up to...

These days I've been feeling good and immersing myself in my work. I enjoy getting just the right seems to me to make all the difference to capture the spirit of my work. Lately I've been thinking about weddings and white; Autumn, lockets and leaves and being inspired by the colors I see in my daily life....the color of freshly turned fields and sprouts of Rye grass, huge wooden crates of freshly harvested celery, trees on fire with the richness of Autumn...(and the color combinations in my Boden catalog, which I was inspired to order from my sister!) I suppose that is one of the things I love most about living here. We have four distinct seasons and all so exquisite in their own ways. This year, I am actually looking forward to the feathery flakes falling from the sky this winter.
On a kinda funny note, at times I use antique dictionaries to photograph my work...but beware, all you dictionary jewelry photographers....there may be words in the background you did not intend to be read! Like "lazy" or "lung" as in this lovely photograph:

I guess it could have been worse. I've seen some doozies of mine that have cracked me up! My favorite one, I think was "louse". I'm thinkin' I might just start using antique story books instead...and hope I don't inadvertently capture something really strange.



"Country Fields"

I am really loving my new little "Sacred Cake" tags that I am putting on the necklaces and bracelets I create. My hope is that the jewelry I make will be passed on and loved for more than a lifetime....and maybe long after I am gone, folks might ask; who is "Sacred Cake"? Why that name when she didn't even sell cakes? And the answer will be, because that is what makes it memorable....and every piece tells a story.
A story of love.

(These items are available in my shop right here.)