Monday, November 28, 2011

An Antique Assemblage Tutorial, a Trash to Treasure Stor

We are doing a bit of restoration on our 100 year old home, which unfortunately, entails crumbling plaster here and there.
So, this little tutorial was born out of  lovely finds that appeared among the crumbled plaster in the bottom of the livingroom wall...true story! Imagine our amazement, pulling little bits of history from the dusty mess. We found a well worn antique corsage, an antique boy's collar, and an antique child's shoe and wooden thread spools. I didn't take photographs of each find as it came to us, but I did get a shot of the antique child's shoe that looks to be from the late 1800's. It looked pretty sad. Full of sand and dusty mess~
concealed shoe before
concealed shoe after being cleaned and stuffed
I imagine the life this little concealed shoe had. Handed down from child to child to child.  Repaired over and over and over again with patches and tiny nails, until one day, lost to time. Only to be rediscovered over 100 years later, in a very unlikely place! So, being the sentimental and quirky peeps that we are (my husband and I), we wanted to preserve the find somehow, in a creative way~
SO, here is what you need for the tutorial:

an old shoe
some tissue paper for stuffing the shoe
a small chunk of floral foam
some stiff wire
this and that
some old stuff
maybe some moss if you'd like
your imagination
an old photgraph (I'll send you one if you'd like!)(I have lots.)

Directions in a "nutshell"~
First, clean your old shoe as well as you'd like it to be. We wanted ours to keep the shabby chic look, so i just brushed it off well and applied a bit of vaseline to clean the leather a bit.
Then stuff your shoe to the desired plumpness up to the bottom of the heel. Cut a chunk of floral foam, and carve it a bit to fit inside the top of the shoe so it is kinda snug.
After putting in the floral foam, apply wire to your objects by hot gluing them on, or wrapping it around. I used a piece of wire bent in the shape of a "U" to add a chunk of old lace.~

I added some additional old looking velvet violets to the corsage we found in the wall, took a long piece of wire and wrapped one end around the bunch. Trim it a little and stick it down into the floral foam and adjust to taste.
To add the photograph, I curved  a piece of stiff wire into a long "U" shape and hot glued it to the back of a cabinet card (an antique photograph on stiff cardboard.) The "U" shape gives the photograph two prongs to put into the foam so it has more support. I then covered the wire with a piece of paper so it would look better from the back.~
My husband wanted to somehow incorporate the antique little boy's collar, so i added a dab of hot glue under the back fold of the collar and added it to the end of another piece of wire...then into the floral foam.
the "foof"
Then I added a few more violets here and there,  and bits of floral moss peeking out from the buttons of the shoe, and here and there along the edges. I made a "foof" (my made up word) of shabby chic-ish dark green silk organza. It adds dimension and a bit more shape and fill to the arrangement. To make a "foof" of your own, gather some organza or lace in a pleasing bunch, then twist the wire tightly around one end. Fluff it to desired foofiness and stick into the arrangement to give it a bit of fullness.~

and here is the finished product~
Antique Shoe Arrangement
I hope this maybe inspires you! You too can make something from an old shoe and a bunch of old junk.
See you again soon with some fun vintage photo booth photo printables for collages and such. You will want to see these!
Blessings and Light to You and Yours,

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Having an Assemblage Jewelry Sale

I've got lots of things in the shop that would make special gifts for someone special on your list! Neutral palettes, sure to be loved and worn everyday, and special one of a kind pieces...come on by and take a peek! Shipping is free and so is the lovely box and bow. (Click the photo below to get there.) Use the code CYBERMONDAY to receive your discount.

I'll be back on Tuesday with a fantastic tutorial!Hint: it involves an antique child's sure to come back then to see the tutorial, and hear the story behind it.

Blessings and Light,

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Love Affair with White, assemblage jewelry, and some Etsy Favorites

"Cathedral Windows"
My love affair with all things shabby and white began in 1987, when I was a young mother, like our Em is now, and furnishings and money were scarce. I had a big ol' green station wagon and a whole lot of determination and strength. (and a better back too!) I'd find things on the roadside that I needed, that were in need of a new home; load 'em into the back of my wagon and bring them home to a fresh coat of white paint.
our lovely bed

The first home decor book I ever purchased was "The Natural Home" by Tricia Foley, and I still own the same book. It is filled with lovely, timeless images of nature inspired homes that I still find inspirational and so soothing.
I still can't resist the charm of white, though now I "paint", making my assemblage jewelry with shabby antique glass and pearls...something that I never would have guessed then, that I'd be doing now.

Some of my favorite "swoon-worthy" items from Etsy~

Pillows and quilts by Cindi at DreamyVintageSheets on Etsy
Paper Angel Ornament by RememberMeEmily
Scarves by Gloria Kirk
Prints by Carissa Paige
collages by Michael Douglas Jones

These are just a few of my faves, I'll be posting more soon during the holiday season...I intend to relish every. single. day. of it.
What is your favorite seasonal thing to do?
I'm also looking for great recipies to share here! Please email them to me at:
sacred_cake [at] yahoo (dot) com.

This season, I am offering free shipping and a lovely pair of earrings, free with any purchase.
free with any Sacred Cake purchase,gold plated antique french rhinestone earrings

I'd like to thank you all for your sweet comments about my new grandson...the house is overflowing with such newness and love!

See you again real soon. Love and Light,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Smitten...and Busy!

I became a grandma this week! Little Benjamin was born on November 12, and weighed in at 8 pounds and 3 ounces! He's a quiet and observant little fella...chubby-wubby cheeks...and I am completely smitten with him...and busy with holiday orders (for which I am so incredibly grateful) and helping Em with the baby. I just wanted to share a couple of photographs with you here. I am still recovering from almost living with Em in the hospital for an entire week. She got very sick before she was due to deliver, with sepsis from a nasty kidney infection. To be honest, I thought for a moment that I would loose her. IV antibiotics for an entire week to manage it. I have never been in a constant state of prayer like that before...ever.

Benjamin David
exhausted new grandma and baby Benjamin
I was given the honor of being present during the delivery, and the incredible grace to calmly see my daughter through a very difficult labor and delivery. Her quiet strength astounded me, and renewed my belief in my own inner strength.
I am so looking forward to watching the changing dynamics of our family...seeing the interactions...watching my husband relish being a new grandpa, and having a new baby to hold and talk to...
there is just no limit to the amount of love a heart can hold.

I wanted to share this little idea and photograph sent to me by my dear mama today. She is so creative and crafty!
Simple ingredients:
glass ornament, old rusty spring, chandelier crystal and pillar candle holder! Turn ornament upside-down, attach the crystal, set inside the spring and into the pillar candle holder and....voilĂ ! How nifty is that? I'm thinkin' maybe I'll try it with an old plate instead of a candle holder, and an old Christmas ball instead of the heavy glass ball, I'm thinking with lighter ingredients there might need to be a bit of glue involved.
whatdya think? Feel free to share this idea with friends!
cobalt blue assemblage by my mom

Sunday, November 06, 2011

I Believe in Love...

Every time I receive a lovely photo from one of "my brides", it reassures me...and always, always melts my heart. As I have said before, weddings give me such hope. Weddings hold such promise...and I believe in love.
When I create a piece of jewelry for a bride, or for anyone for that matter, I infuse each piece with my greatest hopes and love for the wearer. My customers often say they can feel it when they wear it...that means everything to me.
Lovely Ashlee's Wedding

Ashlee's vintage assemblage bridal comb

Glass Garden, vintage assemblage necklace

Glass Garden

In Love, shabby bridal earrings

Ave Maria, vintage assemblage earrings

I have a grandson coming tomorrow, so I'm busy "nesting" here at home. He and Em will be with us for awhile until she can get on her feet. I cannot even describe to you the excitement I feel when I think of seeing his little face for the first time. I find myself gently shaking my head in disbelief, as I write here in the early morning hours, that nine months have flown by already. It has been a rough road for Em, but I know this little fella will help direct her path from here on out. Yup, I have a very good feeling about him...and about her too...

The next time we talk, I'll be a grandmother for the very fist time...magic!