Sunday, November 06, 2011

I Believe in Love...

Every time I receive a lovely photo from one of "my brides", it reassures me...and always, always melts my heart. As I have said before, weddings give me such hope. Weddings hold such promise...and I believe in love.
When I create a piece of jewelry for a bride, or for anyone for that matter, I infuse each piece with my greatest hopes and love for the wearer. My customers often say they can feel it when they wear it...that means everything to me.
Lovely Ashlee's Wedding

Ashlee's vintage assemblage bridal comb

Glass Garden, vintage assemblage necklace

Glass Garden

In Love, shabby bridal earrings

Ave Maria, vintage assemblage earrings

I have a grandson coming tomorrow, so I'm busy "nesting" here at home. He and Em will be with us for awhile until she can get on her feet. I cannot even describe to you the excitement I feel when I think of seeing his little face for the first time. I find myself gently shaking my head in disbelief, as I write here in the early morning hours, that nine months have flown by already. It has been a rough road for Em, but I know this little fella will help direct her path from here on out. Yup, I have a very good feeling about him...and about her too...

The next time we talk, I'll be a grandmother for the very fist time...magic!


  1. congratualtions on being a first time grandmom ..i was in the post office line yesterday and overheard a granddad saying that to his surprise and happiness,he had just been given the news that #7 was happening ,he said he wanted ..also said he never could have imagined how fun and wonderful having grandkids was going to be..isn't that sweet.

  2. Congrats on the soon-to-be grandchild! We received 2 granddaughters this year. So lovely! I love your creations!

  3. I love those Ave Maria earrings! The deep blue just kind of pops. :)

    Congratulations on that new grandbaby. I bet it will just be wonderful. So nice that you can take care of her while she recuperates. :)


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