Saturday, March 07, 2009

Semiprecious Salvage Praise

I've been living in Stephanie Lee's book, "Semiprecious Salvage" for a couple of weeks now...staying up into the wee hours soldering and hammering and smiling to myself. Stephanie has been so very gracious answering my questions and even bestowing praise when, in my delirious excitement, I sent her a photograph of my first completed project from her book.
There is something magical and satisfying about creating something you thought you never could...and I have been truly enjoying the process of learning, not to mention the packages that come in the mail bearing gifts of exquisite silk ribbon, beads and wire and even tiny gold colored leaves that I can't wait to play with. All of the beautiful junk in my studio seems to sigh a heavy sigh when I walk by, knowing that my new passion will be taking up much more of my time.
Stephanie creates the most glorious jewelry that speaks to my soul, and for her to share her experiences and techniques in such a beautiful book is such a gift. I feel her magical presence in everything I've been creating.
You can find her truly lovely self here. Prepare to be delighted in what you find there...