Monday, August 29, 2011

New Vintage Assemblage Jewelry and Home Decor, News, and a Little Idea for Candles

I've made some new things for the shop!

"Red Kitchenette" Magnet Board
Keeping Watch Assemblage Necklace
assemblage bridal comb
Keeping Watch vintage assemblage necklace
Willow, assemblage earrings
"secret" assemblage tiny locket earrings

also, my dear friend Laurie Jacobsen made me a "blinky"! What do you think?

I just love it! (Jenny, you make this so very special!)

In other news, my daughter Emily's pregnancy is doing well, I am looking forward to little Benjamin's arrival sometime in early November! Emily and Ben will be living with us, so i will get lots of grandma time in! I can hardly wrap my mind around it folks! Then, more news came as quite a surprize suprise suprize surprise (i can never ever correctly spell surprise! Am I the only one?!) other daughter, Rebecca is also expecting! She is due in March...YES. I'm going to be a grandma twice over within 6 months time.....WHEW.  They say they didn't plan it that way....hhhmmmmmm......I wonder.............

OH! I also wanted to tell you about a little trick I do. Sometimes I find decorative candles that I really really like. So, to extend the life of them, I let them burn down about a couple of inches. THEN from then on, I put  a small tea light down in the hole and light that instead. I like to use the scented tea lights or just plain ones. I buy a huge bag of them at Michael's and they last a long time! Pretty nifty idea eh?

Thank you for being here today!
Blessings and Light,

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Peek Into my "Studio", and Some Favorite Etsy Peeps

It has been finally cooling off in the evenings here in Michigan... I've moved my beloved work table (an old and very shabby french provincial desk found in an old barn) in front of the big window in my studio. I use the term "studio" a bit is really kind of a middle room in the middle of the house that we didn't quite know what to do with, so we made it into an office with a loveseat and we kept our old antique buffet table in there too. When Jeremy was born, the "middle room" became a baby room. The buffet turned into a changing table with a nice coat of white paint and a purchased changing pad...diapers and baby clothes in the drawers. it was perfect! We added a rocking chair and a baby swing in the room too...
Now that Jeremy is 6, the changing table has conveniently become my shipping table! It works out very well. I have a long surface to weigh, wrap and package my sales and the drawers hold envelopes and boxes and tissue paper and other office supplies...(good idea huh?)
So, now the "middle room" is my studio/shipping area where I create the vintage assemblage jewelry for Sacred Cake, and  I share it with my husband, who is a painter and also loves to repair pocket watches when he isn't writing his dissertation or gardening or working with disabled adults or being a dad. He is a very busy man!
I made a kind of silly little movie for you tonight. Just a peek into my evenings in the middle room studio. I often talk about working in my "circle of light". Well, it is a drab goose necked 1940's office desk lamp with one of those special daylight bulbs in it...and I think it needs a paint job soon...
I got the nifty Buddha fountain at Target. You can find it here, but it is out of stock online. Check your local store instead. Oh, and it says it has a trickling sound.....well, no such trickle. But it is a nice soothing water feature to have on my desk nonetheless. I really enjoy it.

If you have time, I want to share a few of my Favorite Etsy finds with you also!

I treated myself to this last week from Mireio on Etsy. She went above and beyond to find a "bigger girl" sized slip for me and dyed it the lovely deep purple color I requested. The price was very right and it arrived wrapped beautifully! I really felt like I mattered to her. And it I feel so beautiful in it! It is perfect with a jacket and leggings or over jeans. Click on the photo or the link above to visit her shop.
my custom hand dyed slip. photo courtesy of Mireio.

I also fell in love with MemrieMare on Etsy.  Completely in love with the color and the texture of this hand dyed ribbon. She has amazingly gorgeous colors....and the German glass glitter stars are so perfectly beautiful. Thickly glittered only on one side, so they can be stuck securely anywhere you need them to sparkle!
Robin Egg hand dyed Ribbon. photo by MemrieMare on Etsy.
German glass glitter stars. photo by MemrieMare on Etsy.

and last, but definitely not least, I purchased this spray from Rhea at SweetsnThings on Etsy. Rhea was very kind and added a bit of Cedar scent to the lavender linen and room spray. Just a heavenly scent, if you haven't tried it! The price is great (6.50!) and the label and deep green bottle are very pretty and so nice to keep next to my bed. I spritz a bit on my pillows before I go to sleep. Very soothing! Great customer service too.
lavender and cedar room spray. photo by SweetsnThings on Etsy
These Etsyers did not give me any "kickback" for this post about them...I don't buy things "just for me" very often, and when I do, I like to get the same caring and personal service that I give to my customers. I'm just very pleased with my shopping experience. That is what shopping on Etsy should experience, right? You won't be disappointed with these sellers.
By the way, I'm not going to tell you just how many times I had to fix a misspelled word while writing this post! I need to go back to grammar school! Spell check saves me every time...

Blessings and Light to you all and thank you for being here with me today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you the winners of the giveaway.
I put everyone's number into a random generator and here are the results!
The first winner of the Kelly Rae planner is Lois Johnson.
The second winner of the photo album is "bks".
The third winner of the vintage assemblage jewelry holder is Nancy Lefko.
Congratulations ladies! Will you contact me with your address so I can send you your goodies?

On another subject, the weather here in Michigan has gotten a bit cooler and tolerable to be out in (finally!) I spent some time outside with the kids and the cats. We have a huge yard. We hate to mow. So we made a "wild" area way in the back by the tree line that Jeremy calls "Shady Badoo"...a secret place to hide and lay in the grass. And so we did...
me and my K.W.
K.W. and our son Jeremy in "Shady Badoo"
Walking on the Sky
Since the passing of my dear Cutie Cat recently, it has made me more aware of my other pets and having a nice picture of each of them. So we had a cat photo shoot as well...quite fun trying to get them still...
Maisy in Shady Badoo
Alice in Shady Badoo

 There are other fur babies, but I won't bore you with tons of cat pictures! Most of our dear pets are rescued strays.
Thank you all so very much for the outpouring of sympathy and love about my last post. I received Cuties ashes today. It made me so sad all over again, but suppose that is normal.
Well, on a lighter note,

I'm so in love with the assemblage jewelry I've made recently... I want to keep it for myself! I've been so drawn to blue, once again. I talked about it in this last post.

Thank you all so much for being here!
Blessings and Light,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever

Dear Cutie Bear Cat,

Did you know Jeremy named you? I would have chosen something less child-like for you...something maybe like Felix or Haskell maybe. But it became so fitting for you...and I ended up calling you cootie or coots anyway. Thank you for for forgiving the silliness of it.
I've been looking at urns and stones with paw prints and corny sayings and markers and necklaces with little vials so that I can wear you on my person if I need to...I don't know how to let go. There is such an empty space here, everywhere you were, sweet little fur baby friend.
I knew from the beginning you were dear nighttime constant. It was you and it was me in the stillness at 2 a.m. as I created away in our shared circle of light. You in my lap or near my feet. The stillness and darkness of night was warmed by the soft wonder of your eyes. You looked to me for love, which I so freely gave to you with a wide open heart. Isn't that how we are supposed to love? Like you did?
I feel foolish for grieving you so. Are "grownups" supposed to grieve like this? Surely you knew how I loved you...and life around me goes spinning on as always and my heart is breaking for the missing of you. The deep and throbbing missing that won't lighten with the passing of days or even shopping for old jewelry to assemble.
I couldn't save you. I keep asking myself if there was more I could have done...did I do the right thing by calling our sweet small town vet for a home visit that would end your life. I can't handle the finality of it. You fought until the end, dear soul.
Thank you for gathering your last tiny bit of strength to visit me one last night as I settled in to sleep. I knew it would be the last time...dear furry companion, as I warmed you with the quilt that she made for me months ago to comfort me when I thought my body had given out for good. You stayed beside me night and day while I was sick and rising was out of the question. Did I thank you for that?

I've cried in the bathroom so no one would hear. I've cried in the bedroom so the children won't see... I've cried at 3 a.m. under the moon on the back yard bench. And the tears arrive again in the corners of my eyes as I write this. When will the ache of your absence leave me? There is such a huge hole in the shape of you here.
Please know that I loved you and that you were so extraordinary in so many ways. You were more than just a pet. There was more to you...i knew that. You had such a spirit, such wisdom, and you loved loved me.....irreplaceable, gentle, you. I miss you terribly.
Your ashes arrive tomorrow. And how in the world shall I proceed?

Your forever, forever friend,


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts on being published in Somerset Home, lots of Gratitude, and a giveaway

      As always, for me, (does it for you too?) life goes by at the speed of light. It is already August 10th and I've been trying to get around to telling you about this for days! I have had the absolute honor to write once again for another Stampington and Company publication. I am always so delighted and incredibly humbled to be chosen to write, and have my projects included in one of their wonderful publications. I so enjoy sharing discoveries, techniques and stories with their readers. It just brings me such joy... just like the joy I feel writing right here on this blog of mine.
     To celebrate my articles and projects being published in the current issue of Somerset Home, I am having a few little giveaways! There will be three prizes....the first is a Planner from one of my favorite artists, my sister, Kelly Rae Roberts. She has an amazing, high quality collection of artwork, stationery, and home decor with something special for everyone. My current favorites are the planner~
Kelly Rae Roberts Planner (photo courtesy of Kelly Rae)

Info about the planner: "This datebook features 17 months (Aug 2011 - Dec 2012) in week-at-a-glance views. Click image for more photos. It also features weekly tear-off shopping and to-do lists, stickers for marking important reminders, and a built-in storage pocket. Please note: Unlike previous years' datebooks, this datebook does not feature artwork throughout the planner - only on the front and back covers. Datebook is 6" x 8" and features flexible front and back covers."
Personally folks, I am already using this planner and I really really LOVE it. That is why I want you to have one! Lots of room to write (which we desperately need, don't we?!), and even little stickers to use for remembering important things. Also, the tear off lists and the inside pockets are fantastic. This planner is very well thought out! (and I am not surprised at all. My sister is a class act all the way.)

The second giveaway is the mini photo album~
Kelly Rae Roberts mini photo album, "Gratitude Surrounds"
(photo courtesy of Kelly Rae)

Info about the album:"With a meaningful "gratitude surrounds" on the cover, we hope you'll be inspired to put some of your most treasured memories in this sweet mini photo album. Album (approx 6" x 6") can hold up to 24 4"x6" photographs inside its archival quality photo sleeves and features a padded, full-color, easy-to-clean hard cover. We think these make adorable gifts to highlight special occasions." 
I love this little album. It is well made and a nice size for traveling. I think I'm going to need more than one soon! Did I tell you yet that I'm going to be a first time GRANDMA this fall?!

And lastly, I'm giving away the chippy, white, shabby chic jewelry holder with vintage glass knobs, that I made for the current Somerset Home magazine. I love it for my collection of necklaces. It keeps them tangle free and pretty to look at!
A peek at Somerset Home 2011
and the jewelry holder

So, no need to jump through hoops to win. Just leave a tiny comment or a simple hello! But, I'd just love to hear your ideas or techniques for when life feels like it is going by way too do you slow it down? What kinds of things do you like to do to keep centered and in the "now"?
*Please remember, if you sign as anonymous, please leave a name so you and I both know it's you who gets chosen! I don't even make you type in crazy letter sequences to leave a comment. How easy is that?  (and lord knows we blog writers LOVE to get comments!)

Winners will be randomly drawn on AUGUST 17th (so I hope everyone has a chance to enter). Please tell a friend!
Thank you all for being here and for your readership and support. It means the world to me.
Blessings and Light,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake