Sunday, March 04, 2012

Shabby Chic Jewelry Storage and Display Idea

I guess because I make so much assemblage jewelry and collect quite a few different pieces and styles, I like to look at my treasures...I like to have them out so that at any time I walk by them in my bedroom I can gently brush the tips of my fingers along the bits and baubles...thinking of every sweet soul that created those bits of beauty from their deepest heart.

My wheel of goodness and joyful reminders of all of the dear people I've met along the way. So simple to make, and easy to use. I've been wanting to share this project with you forever. I clip earrings on the spokes and hang them on the hooks. This is also great for cuffs and rings.
This project is sooooo simple! I think finding the old carriage wheel might be the hardest part. I just happened upon it while out and about several years ago. I didn't know at the time what it would be. I just knew it would be useful and fun. Try looking on ebay, etsy, artfire, craigslist, or even call around to the old junk malls and antique stores.Once you find your old wheel, be sure it is the kind with the solid kind of tire, so your hooks stay in. Screw some larger than average sized cup hooks into the wheel at evenly spaced intervals. I dipped mine into a chemical called  "Novacan Black" to darken them a bit. And that's about it! I embellished the center part with a hunk of filigree and an old vintage brooch. Use E-6000 glue to glue anything on. Just sand each surface a bit before adhering, because most likely your surfaces will be rusty and such.

In case you were wondering who made some of the lovely pieces on my wheel, here is a little list of designers that I hope you will visit! They are all so talented and such sweet spirits.

* Colorful wire wrapped necklaces and birdy earrings are from dear Liz. Visit her shop here:
* Shabby tribal earrings and various necklaces with buttons and bits are made my Marina. Visit her shop here:
* Sweet  round broken china pink floral pin by sweet Lana, who makes the sweetest Marie Antoinette inspired things here:
*  Gorgeous pottery earrings by Michelle right here:
*  Favorite Queen Anne's Lace embroidered pendant necklace (not pictured because I was wearing it) made by dear heart Corrine at 
* Amazing leather, sterling and cross "faith" necklace by beautiful Nina right here:
* Large flower necklace, a gift from my daughter years ago.
* Super long antique hand knotted beaded jet necklace, a lucky find. (and a big fave)
*  Pale celluloid earrings, and long pale blue pearl and crystal earrings are by yours truly. You can find me here:

My wheel has gotten a bit messy now that I'm really lookin' at it! I hope this project gets your creative wheels spinning...
Think of the possibilities to use this idea for an old hunk of wood or cutting board, vintage cane, mirror frame...anything that can hold a cup hook!

AND as always, you can write me with any questions right here:
sacred_cake {at} yahoo [dot] com

Many Blessings to You and Yours,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

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  1. This is cool, Jennifer!! I have my necklaces (mostly Sacred Cake ones!) hanging on the rungs of an old ladder. I bought it ages ago and it has had multiple incarnations, but this usage as a jewelry display is by far my fave. Love being able to "use" my jools as room decor! :)


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