Monday, March 19, 2012

Free Victorian Photo booth Style Photographs for You

I recently came across these amazing photo booth style Victorian photographs that I wanted to share with you today. They are scanned at very high resolution, so you can make larger copies of the individual photographs to use in artwork and such. Some talented people use these for quilts by printing them out on fabric sheets made for the printer. I just thought these were to nifty to keep all to myself. Click on the images to make them larger. To download them, just right click on the image and choose "save".
original Victorian photo booth typed photos
Victorian photo booth typed photos (that I Touched up a bit)

All I know about these is that they are a bit rare. Smiling Victorian Women or any smiling Victorian  people in general in photographs were quite a rarity, because they had to hold very very still in order to make a clear photo. It is hard to hold a steady smile, I imagine.
The vintage and antique Cabinet photographs are my favorites. I wouldn't call myself an avid collector, but my husband and I both find it very difficult to pass up great old photos. Especially in pretty frames. Our living room walls are decorated with groupings of old framed photographs from different eras, around a central favorite gorgeous oil painting by the very talented Cathi Isza on Etsy.

some of our collection, and cathi's lovely landscape (ignore the tv, will ya?)


I know what you might be thinking. Let's just say I'm not a huge fan of the large black TV and we are looking for a way to disguise it...any ideas? I was thinking old wood frame pieces, but then they get in the way of the infrared sensor. I think sooner than later we will put it in a cabinet. I'm not a fan of TV's that "show". Neither is mom, so my her husband, Greg, actually made their TV so it rises out of an old organ!  I was truly amazed. He took the guts out of it, and put in one of those tv risers. It looks fantasic. Then the cable box and dvd player are on the bench underneath. Nifty idea huh?
ANYWAY, back to the story!
I touched up the second set of photographs above in case you wanted them that way. I didn't spend a whole lot of time, so they aren't perfect, but a bit better than the first set!
cute art quilt by Mary using a free image from my stash!
Hope you enjoy them. One of my favorite shops on Etsy uses my free vintage photos in her artwork... I love to see that! Visit Mary at KMHandyKrafts to see more.
If you'd like to see more free downloads from my blog, like the bird and others, just click here.
ALSO, if you need even more images to inspire you, look no further than The Graphics Fairy! Be prepared to be delighted and inspired by her amazing blog packed with all kinds of amazing antique and vintage images, antique postcards, labels, advertisements and more. I used her images to create my blog banner! (which needs a bit of a change, me thinks.)

Hope you all have a happy week! If you do happen to create something with my images, I'd love to see.
Many Blessings,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake


  1. Jennifer, I love the way that you have it framed and all the Victorian photos around it. Thank you for giving my painting such good standing!! It is such a lovely painting in a lovely frame.
    Thank you. ♥

  2. I've got a Victorian photobooth set that someone affixed to the inner board of a small dictionary--but I hardly ever see them loose. I suppose they got cut up a lot along with their borders though. Anyway...the tv dilemma. I held out for three years about getting a big black screen (embarrassed to say just how big it is) because I can't stand the way a tv becomes an altar in the first place, but then when you add the hugeness factor--well, I just didn't want it. I had the old one in a tall armoire which has doors that could be closed, which I really loved. No possible way to use the armoire with the huge tv though, and I wasn't willing to give up such a good piece of furniture either, so it was quite the dilemma. Compromised by hanging it on the wall over the fireplace with the *idea* of at some point affixing a crazy ornate faux frame or something to the edges to make it look congruous with the room. But--our walls are a chocolate brown, and the tv actually really kind of disappears when it's turned off. Have you considered hanging it? But closing it off with doors was always my thing.

  3. That is such a cool idea, to put the TV in an organ! I love that! I wish I had room to do that. Our TV isn't flat (We're so out of date) so it's in our son's room and we all have to go in there if we want to watch it.... Suffice to say... I usually watch Netflix on the computer... Too many smelly socks...

  4. Oh, and I love your smiling Victorian lady. I bet she was a nice person to know. They usually look so crabby...


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