Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Found Her...Now to Whom Do I Owe My Kingdom? and a very Beautiful Giveaway!

A while ago, I spoke here of needing an "old dummy" to use to photograph my work. While browsing in an antique store I found her. She was hiding behind a large oak cabinet. I didn't see her until I was actually on my way out of the shop. I asked the owner, "How much for this old sewing bust?" (then I held my breath, waiting for for him to quote a larger amount than my wallet could bear)and he said, "Oh, how about fifteen dollars?" I acted like that is the amount I expected, though inside I was screaming, "YES! YES! YES!"
Now, she isn't the greatest, but she'll do ok. I'm thinkin' maybe she needs a cover of some sort...but I do like her aged appearance...
Here she is dressed in a vintage slip, Victorian mesh vest undergarment and thrifted lace top, and my necklaces.

I'd like to name her! Any suggestions? The best name (first and last names) wins something very special and quite beautiful from my most favorite pottery artist, Michelle Stambaugh at Mud-Luscious Pottery.
I am quite smitten with her work and she just opened her etsy shop. I love her posey pockets and her pressed mud earrings are so divine! And I think her bird puddles are the most amazing and stunningly beautiful idea...just perfect for a shallow pool the garden or a platter for the table...I have several of her pieces and I can tell you, you really do want to win something! I'll choose the name Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Stop by her new etsy shop and show her some love, ok?

Pressed Mud Earrings
Posey Pocket

Bird Puddle


  1. How awesome you found this sewing bust. I got a Wolf one from eBay and it displays my wedding dress. I never thought of naming her..until now ;)
    Hmmm what shall we name yours?
    How about Victoria Tatterly.
    It's Victorian with the lace, yet it's tattered and 'been around' so to speak :)
    Hope you find a name for ker ;)

  2. YEA! I LOVE her!!!& am SO happy that she was waiting quietly & patiently for you to come into the shop to give her a home! I'm sure that she was ELATED to find a home with you! Who wouldn't be??? To have all of your beautiful & fabulous creations draped around her, one at a time...I'm sure that she will feel the love as I have!What a great find & a great story!

  3. Victoria Vindemia (vintage in latin) and you could decoupage/crazy quilt her with fabric, lace, and fancy embroidery stitches..oh what fun I am having with the newest edition to your home.

  4. I would name her Anastasia Gray and I'm totally envious that you were able to find something like her for soooo inexpensive. I guess I need to start looking in antique stores for something like her for my designs. Lucky girl!

  5. What a great find! She is perfect! It was meant to be!
    As a first name, I think Victoria (like all the other ladies suggested) would fit perfectly, a last that's a tough one, but I am sure you will find the perfect name!
    Happy Sunday!

  6. She's wonderful! The first name I thought of was 'Cleopatra', because she's adorned with such beautiful jewels all the time! But I'd probably shorten it and just call her Cleo. ;-) I love the suggestion of Victoria Tatterly!

  7. You were meant to find her. Love the price. In your hands, she will be quite stunning. As for name, Daisy came to mind. I know you will pick the best name for her, one that will speak to your heart. Congratulations on a perfect find.


  8. I was going to suggest Miss Eliza Doolittle...for the reasons that just as Henry Higgins helped her pass as a proper lady in My Fair Lady, you are doing the same with your new purchase by adding your embellishments. Also, Doolittle...get it??? a dress form can only DoVERYlittle...ha!, but then, when I looked it up to check my spelling of the name, I saw that there is a new English "pop star" by the same name! There is always a fly in the ointment!

  9. Goodness gracious! It sure didn't take long for the Wish-Order Catalog to fill that order! I hereby officially submit my entry in the "Name That Dress Form Competition", ready????, it is: "Venus de Catur". That's of course with a long "a" but upon seeing it typed out my eye very much catches on the word "Cat" lending further mystical significance befitting this Heavenly Body. A variation that I also like, is "Venus de Decatur". Looking up the "Venus de Milo" on Wikipedia, I see that this statue of the Goddess of Love and Beauty was originally adorned with jewelry: necklace, armbands, earrings and crown, as evidenced by attachment holes. You can perpetuate the myth, Your pal, Robin

  10. I am truly loving all of these name ideas!

  11. Philomena - after St. Philomena who is known as the miracle worker!! What more perfect name for she who will sell your wonderful goods!!

  12. Oh, how exciting that you found your girl! Very happy for you, Jennifer! I am loving these name ideas, also, but the very first one that came to my mind was Agnes B. DeMille. Agnes was my grandmother's name and that name just seems a tad old-fashioned which goes so well with the clothes she will wear to showcase your jewellry. And DeMille--well, she has very good lineage. She is Cecil B. DeMille's great, great granddaughter!

  13. i love how she was hiding there just for YOU to discover! you always find treasure.

    names: my intial thought was Margot, but then upon revisiting I saw her as Fern... but a last name is not coming!

  14. Yay, you finally found your treasure! So happy for you! Seeing her in lace wearing your lovely necklace I think of Jane Seymour in Somewhere in Time. I think her name should be
    Elise McKenna. I love that movie.
    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Jennifer, I'm thankful for you!

  15. What fun! I love all the names! Although I didn’t originally think I’d come up with one, while walking the dogs this morning a name just popped into my head. First name – Jane, which means “plain”, although the Janes I’ve known have been so much more than that meaning, kind of like your “lady”. :) Last name – O’Hara. Has there been anyone else in fiction more resourceful, creative and dare I say beautiful than Scarlett in “Gone With the Wind”? She was the trailblazer for taking old things and transforming them into something “new” (remember the curtain dress?!?!)  So that’s it – Jane O’Hara.
    Love and blessings, Karen

  16. Have a DYNAMITE day my friend!.


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