Sunday, November 07, 2010

Scenes from My Life, a very brief photographic and imperfect history of this week

Man, I love the photo filters on Picasa. That way I can just over soften the crap out of my face and make it look like I did it on purpose, but really it is because I am trying to cover up adult acne, no makeup and greasy hair. Did I type that out loud just now? My youngest doesn't mind the greasy hair and adult acne though, as long as we can have some camera fun. 
Alice likes to help fold the white sheets. Only, they aren't dry yet....
Baby Cutie likes to shred my favorite dried hydrangeas.
view from less than clean huge picture window in front of the house...but how I do love watching that huge tree change with the seasons. BLISS.

I live in a bright purple and dark gray house with cheap brown carpet throughout, but it is home and it is easy to vacuum. We have 8 cats (7 of whom are of Tabby persuasion )... kind of like Jennifer's home for boringly colored cats that no one else wants. Soon I will get several color coded cat collars so I can tell them apart without seeing their faces...and I'll also take out a small loan to feed them all every day. I have 5 children (three of which are older teens)(one of which is 23) (one of which is 5) I'm 41. Do the math and then take a photograph of your face when you realize how old I was when I had my first and how old I was when I had my last and how many years between the youngest teen and the youngest and send it to me. I haven't seen that look in awhile and it always entertains.
I work at a kind and colorful Hippie Shop on Tuesdays where I often get amazing free organic soap and rarely sell my jewelry or anything else.
I don't own a flat screen TV. Everything I wear comes from Goodwill, except for my jewelry. If I am not wearing something I made, then I am almost always wearing something that wonderful fanciful she made.
I love Yoplait yogurt. I could eat several a day if I could get away with it. Sometimes I do get away with it. I have healthy intestines. I also have a healthy appetite for anything sweet and creamy.
My sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, because I chose to blog and post jewelry instead, but my counters are very clean.... at least the last time I checked.
This morning, my youngest fed me a mini Butterfinger from his Halloween stash for breakfast as I lay in bed. The best breakfast I've had in ages.
I don't rake my leaves because I like the way they look bunched up around the yard.

Just basic little pieces of a most amazing life...because I choose to see it that way. Because it is. It is amazing in the simplest of I seek the sacred in the ordinary each day. I love my life more now than I have ever loved it before. It is all in the way it is perceived. It isn't perfect and therein lies the beauty of it. The perfection in the imperfection.

The perfection
in the


  1. love it, love it, love it!!! thank you for sharing a bit of your home and life with us!!

  2. We are alike in some aspects. I got married 2 days before my 17th birthday and had my first child 11 months later, a month before my 18th birthday. She's 25 now... and I am 43. My kids are 25 and 22. I don't have little ones, but I do have granddaughters, ages 5 and 7. Since I babysit them, it is almost like having little ones. lol. My face is usually clear of acne, but very few trick or treaters this year left me with a bowl of candy, tootsie rolls calling my name and acne to my face. lol.

    I love goodwill! I only buy clothes from either there or on clearance. I don't like paying full price for clothes. (and can't really afford to)

    Oh and fanci is my idol. She is so awesome! I have only had the privilege of purchasing one of her gorgeous items, but I love it!

    Thank you for sharing a bit of you with us. :)

  3. I love enjoying the simple pleasures of life through your eyes. It always brings a smile to my face, and reminds me to pause and take stock.xox

  4. You are beautiful and real.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Kat x

  5. Jennifer, love the scenes from your life. The Japanese call it wabi sabi, or "perfect imperfection."

    You truly are amazing. Thank you for another moment of the sacred in the ordinary. Have a wonderful day ♥


  6. Wabi Sabi..the best..
    there is no perfect.
    thanks for sharing..
    there's a lot i could say ditto to in this post.
    simple pleasures are often the sweetest.

  7. What a beautiful way to start a Sunday morning-landing here and reading your imperfect history for the week (which I find appealingly perfect and real). You are such a delight and you bring joy to so many with your gift for words, your truth and your talent!
    Sending you love and gratitude!

  8. Thank you for sharing a bit of your life! I so enjoy reading your are real...and that is the most beautiful thing!
    Have a great Sunday!!

  9. I woke up tired and sore from the world crashing on me all week. Waiting for my coffee, I came by to visit you and your week; once again wonderful, you lift me up and show me the perfection of an imperfect world. My day, my week is already brighter.

  10. awww- sweetest post ever. I lol-ed at 'did i just type that out loud?'
    and 8 cats! who can not be happy w/that many goofy cats around?

  11. i love these posts like this - makes me think i'm right there watching you and your yogurt :)


  12. Reading about you and your creations makes me feel closer to you even though we are so far apart. It's nice to share all those imperfections!

  13. The more I find out about you, the more I find we have in common. I, too, love leaves to stay wherever they fall (and pine straw too!) and have never understood people's obsession with raking them all away, when they are so beautiful & seasonal covering the artsy area rugs...nature's coverings.

  14. Oh, and did I mention that to know you is to love you???!!!

  15. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 2, so we almost have the same age spread there, though I am a little behind.

    I love the peep. So often I just feel so ordinary, but ordinary is good. It has it's own light and texture.

    I'll think of you when I look at the leaves today, we have lots! :)

  16. LOVE that last picture of your kitty, asleep on the edge of the (box?) Adorable.

    I love the filters in Picasa too. My favorite is "Warmify", does wonders for my skin ;)

    Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for the everyday things :)

  17. i just ADORE this post and YOU. every last real drop. i too have adult acne, and lovely scars that don't always show on camera (oh but they're there.) it can be quite annoying at times but i've learned a lot from it. i am perfectly imperfect. and it's all in what you feeeeeel. thank you for sharing this, and for reminding me!




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