Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm still here...just resting a lot.
But I've made some vintage assemblage jewelry for the Etsy shop, that I'm pretty pleased with:

I am giving a lot of thought to the idea of having a New Year's "word" seems to be the thing to do these days. I imagine it means having kind of a "power word" for the new year...or a focus word...
The whole New Year's resolution thing just seems to set me up for disappointment in myself. Last year I only had one resolution: Wear more necklaces.Yes, that's it! And you know, not only did I end up wearing more necklaces than I ever have, I made and sold a lot of necklaces too!
So maybe there is something to the whole resolution thing. But maybe we should be more gentle and playful with what we resolve to do. How about some easy things like pick more flowers or watch more old movies? Last year was the first year that I didn't say to myself, "This year, I resolve to loose 30 pounds." "Work out 4 days a week." "Walk for an hour every day."
,,,and well, it was so much more FUN this past year. There was no pressure. Nothing in my resolution to feel like a failure for. Nothing to fill me with dread and self doubt.
I encourage you to be kind to yourself. Make one or two goals/resolutions, but be sure to add in some fun and humor and gentleness.
I think this year I will resolve to write more....postcards, letters, journaling and such. There is something about the actual written word that means so much more than a typed one. Almost as if the essence of the writer is captured in the ink and paper. I like that.
This year, I'm thinking of words like "travel", "true", "mend", "heal", and "simplify"...can I have more than one word? Who made up the one word rule anyway?

Do you have ideas for kinder, gentler resolutions? I really would love to hear them.


  1. I love this idea Jennifer :) I don't know if it counts as kind and gentle, but I think I might make the resolution to acquire a pair of shoes in every color of the rainbow. That sounds like a LOT of fun :)

  2. hope you're feeling better.
    You know, you've read my mind with this post. I always seem to make a list of the same resolutions: lose 15-20 lbs., put aside more into savings, purge my closet, etc...and every year I don't go into it whole-heartedly...I know I'll fail before I even start. My resolutions are based on devaluing myself as a being and operating from a belief that I'm not enough. Perhaps my word this year should be 'acceptance' of all that which is positive about me.

  3. I think your word is finding you. You don't have to have "just one" but I can't help but think, as I read your post, that there is one thing that will make more travel, greater openness and authenticity, healing and self-love, and clarity/simplicity of purpose possible.
    I think the clue is in your passion and dream for writing, and in the encouraging words you have used here to nurture others towards their word.
    For me, I am awakening to the realisation (largely through therapy) that without a sense of worthiness, of enoughness, nothing will grow in my creative or spiritual garden. I really wanted to choose "blossom" but I realised that without worthiness, this goal would be impossible (and something else to beat myself up about).
    PS Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card! It was such a gorgeous surprise and a lovely thought. In so many ways, that card sums you up.

  4. I did the one word thing too and 2011 is all about "discipline" for me. It's the one thing I lack to get everything I want to get done! I've never thought about resolutions before, but I want to this year. :-)

  5. To love my children sweeter, play when they ask regardless of what deadline I might be up against. To love my friends for their hearts and embrace their faults. .....To laugh at my husband when he is at his crankiest. I like the shoe in ever color idea as well...however my dogs might find them tasty chew toys...Happy New Year sweet one!

  6. oh I agree! I hate resolutions- they're so forced. Every year if I did make one it would be 'exercise' and every year I would've broken it so what's the use. I love the idea of something FUN. however, i only feel 'resolution-y' around my birthday. is it just me?

  7. oh crap- what i meant to say was i LOVE the black earrings. and i think the little white and red blossoms are divine.
    and I was tickled to realize you mentioned me in your previous post as a favorite artist type person. especially as my alter-ego 'Marina', which is how I'm know in the non-internet world. got a giggle out of that.

  8. To be less uptight about clutter, stop comparing myself to other people and enjoy my kids. Especially the older ones, who knows how much time they have left at home? And stop worrying so much about money because it's never done me any good.

    Happy New Years!

  9. Jennifer, It was so wonderful to come back to see your blog after being off the grid for a while-I can always take a deep breath when I visit you! And for a kinder, gentler resolution-mine will be to breathe more. To stop and take cleansing breaths-whether it is literal or finding a soft place like Sacred Cake to land for a while-it alway helps the body and soul!
    Thank you for your writing and for who you are! Blessings to you in 2011-
    Thanks too for the mention BTW!

  10. Beautiful pieces :) Wonderful pics as well :)


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