Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Georgian Collets, Inspired by Anna Wintour

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collet in deep pink and gold
I've got new Georgian styled collets in the shop! These go beyond the Anna Wintour inspired collet necklaces that I have previously done. They are entirely my creations! and they are quite lovely.
hand antiqued jeweled collet in rosaline
collet in Montana Sapphire

The stones lay like little jeweled flags around your neck, and I have made them in many colors! You can see them in my Etsy Shop. Unlike the other jeweled collets that are worn short, these can be worn at varying lengths, so they are wonderful for layering!
layered collets in Peridot, Montana sapphire, and clear antique rhinestones with gold plating
I have gotten the sweetest compliments on these new "like little jeweled flags" collet styled necklaces...little labors of love, they are, but one that the brings satisfaction of creating something lovely. Something to be enjoyed and treasured. I've also been working on a few historical reproduction type pieces that I have seriously enjoyed creating...such a luxury to create these gorgeous and decadent jewels. I think custom orders are my favorite for this very reason!
sacred cake, emerald collet, jennifer valentine, etsy, vintage collet
Royal Emerald Collet with beautiful crown settings
sacred cake, jennifer valentine, collet, anna wintour, costume reproduction, ruby
Royal Ruby Collet
 Here is one I created out of a stunning vintage brooch sent to me by a sweet customer...a wonderful collaboration between she and I, that turned out swimmingly~
custom created collet in pale amethyst with vintage brooch
Did I already say how much I love doing custom work?

I'll be back very soon with a funny little bird story...
me and "birdie"
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  1. So beautiful and elegant! I've been following (silently) about the birdie - so amazing! Can't wait to read more about it. :-)

  2. Anonymous27 July, 2012

    Love that layered look. So generous!



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