Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Ephemera Giveaway, and an antique Blue Bird Etching from 1876

Fresh from my burgeoning  paper hoard, an antique etching of blue birds from a catalog from 1876. Yes, the date is absolutely correct...can you believe it? It is so old it is bound at the top with string.This would be so amazing in a frame, or reproduced for a collage. Just click on the image, choose save on your computer. It was scanned at a very high resolution, so it can be made quite large. I hope you love it as much as I do. I have a "thing" for birds...

So, In the spirit of the Simplicity Project, I'd like to talk just a bit about my paper hoard. Going through it yesterday, I realized I have more old paper and ephemera than a person really needs.
I think I have devised a creative way to slim down my collection.

I have an unreasonably huge assortment of old photos, book covers, journals, sheet music, game cards, advertisements, old stamps and other paper items that I've been adding to over the years that I'd love to share. I  need to share. If you'd like a very large envelope stuffed with wonderful ephemera, send $11.00 to me via the Paypal button below. That will cover cost of shipping and the large brown envelope. I will be sure to stuff your envelope with great things for collage, and encaustic work, and know that my wonderful collection will go to good use! Let me know in the message at checkout if you'd like more vintage magazines, handwriting, old photos, vintage envelopes, more stamps, more sheet music, advertisements, words for cutting and pasting, etc. and I will create a custom envelope for you, to your liking. Thank you for helping me with this. I just couldn't put all of this wonderful old ephemera in the recycle bin! Please let people know about this offer. I have so much to share!(click button below to go to checkout)