Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Like Momma's 70's Sewing Box

I can't really remember
if it was a sewing box
or just a box
but I was only 8
and that was a long time ago,
but I recalled it, when
cleaning these old beads.
it was brown and seventies swirled
and like a tortoise shell
or so I remember.
The handles crossed one another
over the top
when the lid was closed,
like an ungrateful child who didn’t get her way.
I recall loving the transparency of it
and the roundness of it
because, even when it was closed,
it allowed me to see what was inside,
kind of like momma, you know?
I could see even then,
through the responsible exterior,
a transparent softness and clarity and strength;
and the way she swayed
to the crackled songs on the
record player as she
sipped her hot tea;
I knew even then
that I wanted to be
very much like her
and her seventies swirls.