Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trespassing, Chaos and the Weeping Willow

Today I said something that I thought I'd never hear myself say. "Life is too short not to trespass." But the temptation was just too much on this hot day...and the 100 year old (or older?) Weeping Willow was beckoning us ever so gently to visit and stay awhile in its glorious breezy shade. We had just gone through the drive through at McDonald's for cold drinks and we were on our way to our favorite antique mall when we spied the enormous tree in a vacant lot next door.
I drove our minivan right through the mowed lot and right up next to the close that the breeze blew the tips of its wispy arms right into my window.
It was quiet except for the low hum of traffic on the freeway and the soft rustle of the leaves as the branches swayed in the breath of the sky. The air was so wondrously cool there in the comfort of it...I felt as if it was whispering to me about simply being in that moment...and that life would slow down a little if I took the time to let it, instead of trying to fit work into each and every spare moment I am given.
I've been utterly and completely overwhelmed lately... the challenge of parenting our three teenagers in their varying stages of teenhood, and being  mommy to our 5 year old too...coping (or attempting to cope) with the unrelenting pain of neuropathy and arthritis in my spine,  running my online business and trying find more ways that I can "get myself out there" so that I can be a better provider, writing and creating for publications and businesses, and trying not to loose myself (and my mind) in the process. None of this is really new, but I think I am just feeling more fragile these days.
Today, time stood still for a little while, and I wasn't thinking of any of the things I just spoke was just us and the Willow and the breeze. My husband, our little guy, me, and that ancient tree whispering to me about time and how much it has already seen and how if I would just take a moment to be....just be, that time would slow down a little so that I could catch my breath.
I happened to have my camera today. I wanted to share a little of that moment under the Willow with you...and I'd like to thank you for being here, in this moment. I feel so blessed that you are out there in the world and spending this time to read what I have to say.