Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here Come the Brides, to Carry Me Over the Threshold of Doubt

Happy. Vintage Assemblage Bridal Earrings
  When I feel like giving up, I think about them...the precious brides-to-be that come to me and my shop for the assemblage bridal combs, earrings and bracelets that make them feel beautiful on their most special day. I sometimes hear the voices in my head that say that what I do is meaningless adornment in a world filled with so many more important things. The voices say that I'll never make lots of money, or be well known for my work....the voices say that I am wasting my time. Who do I think I am?
And, I say back to the voices, that maybe I'll never be as successful as others...and maybe I won't ever make the big bucks...but what is important is what I feel when I create, and how others feel when my creations belong to them. I feel incredible bliss when I create that nothing, aside from my children, has ever given me. My work is infused with it. It feels like a divine compulsion...something I must do even when I want to give up because my body won't cooperate, or because life gets too complicated or stressful. I escape into the little world at my desk, where old things are made new again...arranged like flowers in a vase until all of the elements seem just right.
custom bridal comb in vintage silver
Making jewelry for brides is my most favorite thing to create. It is such a humbling experience to receive photographs from "my brides" wearing something I put such deep thought and love into. I see the photographs and I shake my head in wonder and amazement and in thanksgiving for such an honor. Such a joy to be a part of one of the most special times in a woman's life...

Alison's Custom Bridal Comb and Earrings

Jenny's Assemblage Bridal Charm Bracelet
Jenny's Wedding (favorite picture)
Custom Bridal Comb Set with Antique Crinoline (some of my most favorites!)
Melanie's Lovely Australian Wedding
Melanie's Bridal Bracelet and her Beautiful Bouquet
Where do you find your bliss? Tell me about it, won't you?
I've also marked down the whole shop to clear things out for new pieces...come take a peek here.