Monday, August 29, 2011

New Vintage Assemblage Jewelry and Home Decor, News, and a Little Idea for Candles

I've made some new things for the shop!

"Red Kitchenette" Magnet Board
Keeping Watch Assemblage Necklace
assemblage bridal comb
Keeping Watch vintage assemblage necklace
Willow, assemblage earrings
"secret" assemblage tiny locket earrings

also, my dear friend Laurie Jacobsen made me a "blinky"! What do you think?

I just love it! (Jenny, you make this so very special!)

In other news, my daughter Emily's pregnancy is doing well, I am looking forward to little Benjamin's arrival sometime in early November! Emily and Ben will be living with us, so i will get lots of grandma time in! I can hardly wrap my mind around it folks! Then, more news came as quite a surprize suprise suprize surprise (i can never ever correctly spell surprise! Am I the only one?!) other daughter, Rebecca is also expecting! She is due in March...YES. I'm going to be a grandma twice over within 6 months time.....WHEW.  They say they didn't plan it that way....hhhmmmmmm......I wonder.............

OH! I also wanted to tell you about a little trick I do. Sometimes I find decorative candles that I really really like. So, to extend the life of them, I let them burn down about a couple of inches. THEN from then on, I put  a small tea light down in the hole and light that instead. I like to use the scented tea lights or just plain ones. I buy a huge bag of them at Michael's and they last a long time! Pretty nifty idea eh?

Thank you for being here today!
Blessings and Light,