Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Return to Myself

just plain me
Hi. I've come back! I cannot even begin to tell you what the last two months have held for me. Things you might find hard to believe! I've been almost steadily sick with one thing or another for the last two months... some things serious, and not so serious and I am just returning to what feels like normal again. I've been involved in a really big project and keeping my shop afloat for the last couple of months while being so ill and working on a big assemblage jewelry making project has been quite a challenge....
I've been creating a lot of the jeweled collet necklaces (I'm wearing a fave in the photo), and though I love them and their sparkle so much, it isn't where my heart really resides. It is the assemblage jewelry that I make that really makes me feel like I am expressing my best self...the true me. The "me" that began this journey almost three years ago.

assemblage collage locket necklace
victorian button necklace (in the shop)
There are so many things I have to tell you about where I've been, stories about who I've met along the way, grandchildren coming into the world right before my eyes...and the latest, last week, a melanoma scare that has me, a woman who is really big on not worrying----worried.
More about that later on when I know more.
I really just wanted to say hello. I haven't forgotten about you at all. Writing is something that always tugs at me. I compose blogposts and poems in my head often that never make it into black and white during the bustle of the day.
Benji and KW
Which reminds me, my days are filled with even more bustle, now that my oldest grandson lives with us temporarily. He's 6 months old and the sweetest baby in the universe...such a joy, but still a lot of work too!

 It is so hard for me to find balance in my life. Is it hard for you too? How do you cope when you feel like parts of you are so far flug here and there? How do you center yourself?
I know that a big cup of hot tea is a start for me...then some favorite music...singing out loud...and making a list helps to get things out of my mind and on to paper.Somehow writing it down works to settle my thoughts.

I hope to be back soon!
Many Blessings to You and Yours,