Thursday, May 18, 2006



Somewhere between darkness and light
I am here.
waiting for you once again
as the earth awakens
and stretches her arms around me,
still, I ache for your arms.
What are you doing this minute
under the fluorescent lights
and in the bustle of hallways,
spreading your compassion like the tide
over those hurting hearts
that feel so far from home.
Return again to me my love
for I am so far from you now,
so far from you, my home.


  1. Anonymous18 May, 2006

    You are with me always,in every hour of every day.
    My hallowed memories lie hidden from the rest of me; the real of me others see.
    And so I keep you like a stow away curled up over there in that place where I keep my nobilty when I am angry at someone; where I keep my innocence, when I remember my ancient sins and especially in the times I am anything but innocent even now.
    I keep you there in my favorite place where once I rode bicycles with my brother, who cared for me like the brittle oak leaves protect the winter jay who refuses to leave with the other birds, instead to stay, in the depths of any kind of snow and endure any kind of wind.
    You are there beside my father and me when we walked through the old growth forests where trees were as big as silent strangers, whispering as we passed by.
    You are my favorite memory. Sweet pause.

  2. as always, your poetry is lovely and meaningful and speaks to me...

  3. a poem like this is what draws me to poetry...a glimpse into someone's life that also resonates within me where i am in my life. beautiful.
    welcome to poetry thursday!

  4. Anonymous19 May, 2006

    spreading your compassion like the tide
    over those hurting hearts

    What a great image. I love this moment, this desire. Everyone should have a cool pool of water in their lives.

  5. I am having a memory night. Your poem evoked a memory of my love of ten years. He worked nights and I would lay in the pre-dawn quiet and listen for his key. My heart would jump. He is home.

    Very nice visual.

  6. this is such a beautiful poem, and a testomony to your love - lovely

  7. Beautiful, in every sense of the word. I enjoyed reading through all your blogs. I want to to visit again and read some more.

  8. Anonymous19 May, 2006

    This is lovely, both in sentiment and language. My husband is a Marine and the idea of waiting for someone you love to come home resonates.


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