Friday, August 03, 2007

Convenience Store Poet

My husband says I am his convenience store poet...not a derogatory term really. He likes my poetry because it is usually short and he says he gets his quick fix that and out in a jiff and time to contemplate a little afterwards.
I don't think I really consider myself a poet. I feel like I'm just a dabbler compared to so many others that I read, but then again, don't "they" say that you shouldn't compare yourself to others? Who is "they" anyway? I picture a tall futuristic and reflective building in a huge city somewhere with Large Black Letters that say, "THEY."


  1. I picture "they" in a similar way, and usually with beady little eyes.

    Poetry doesn't have to be lengthy to be good. What comes after peaches? (I know MI is a hotbed of fresh produce, so there must be something else coming right along. I love the smell of the grapes when they are ripe on the vine and ready to be picked.)

  2. You write very well.


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