Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Taking Flight

It has been quite some time since "the book" came out. I have been so busy, I haven't had time to post about it. I feel so honored to be a part of this amazing creation! I was a little nervous about what people would think of my work and my words...putting my artwork and my words out there for the world to see was hard for me, because I feared judgement, but I am feeling better about it now. My sister is such an incredible person and for her to actually choose me to be in something so precious to her, well, I am in awe and so blessed...


  1. Jennifer, I just got the book the other day and I am right at the spot where you are featured. First, the book is so inspiring and Kelly Rae has inspired me to do so much already and to let go of fears and all that stuff. When she was writing in the book about fears, being vulnerable, I felt like she was talking about me! I feel the same way she did. Second, your art is amazing and I am glad you put yourself out there because you have inspired me as well. I love the wings and I too love "trying" to do something with found objects. The wings are just gorgeous. I cannot wait to try it. I love the clock idea and now I will have to hit up some flea markets and see what I can find. I also LOVE the mirror in the book you did. My 15 year old asked if I could make her one like that. She loved the meaning behind it.
    I am just excited over the book and love all the art presented in there. I am inspired by it all.
    So, thanks for allowing yourself to be in the book. No one should judge you wrongly at all. Like Kelly Rae said, "we make art for ourselves, for what we like and feel at the moment."
    Take Care! Kim Beasley

  2. Your featured artwork is my favourite!
    X Hayley


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