Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is a view of my huge white dresser...I admit, I have a problem. I love boxes. All kinds. Super shabby cigar boxes, old rusty tins, tattered velvet boxes, old cardboard boxes, and especially my collection (the one overtaking my dresser) of cream colored vintage jewelry boxes...the ones with the gold flourishes and borders that have been loved off over the years...I keep my jewelry creations in them, like stacks of little shabby white hope chests, with the contents waiting to be discovered by a kindred spirit.


  1. Beauty, you are surrounded by beauty. I have a couple of jewelry boxes like those. I should find them and organize my scattered and tangled mess of jewelry in them.

  2. Those are just gorgeous! They make me want to look inside just to see if the inside is as beautiful as outside!


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