Friday, May 21, 2010

Little White Dresses

I rescued more than 10 antique dresses and Christening gowns from a dumpster last year...and I couldn't bear to leave them put away, so I employ them and enjoy them as valances in my windows. I love the way the patterns look against the sky...I have always loved antique lace and linens.
...and it is a such good thing for me that my husband enjoys antiquities just as much as I do...even little the white dresses hanging all over our house.....


  1. PandorasFork22 May, 2010

    totally awesome!
    i love the look and feel of these delightful beauties!
    i like wondering who wore them, when and to what event(s)?
    i am using a piece of driftwood i picked up at a local beach, and i have all sorts of handkerchiefs my Nana tatted edges on....she left school in the 8th grade, to go tat in a local factory in Italy.
    i treasure these, and want to look at them every day.
    your ideas are fantastic, girl!

  2. stopping in to say "hello"-looking forward to getting to know you better in the Flying Lessons e-course. Your blog is beautiful...

  3. Hi Jennifer, I love the antique dresses. My beloved grandmother who is gone now, used to sew intrique christening gowns for a living when she was a young woman trying to make a living. She was my first inspiration for creativity. She put knitting needles in my hands around age seven and then next embroidery linen and threads, then beads for jewelry making. I will forever be grateful that I have her creative drive and passion. At sixteen, I took an art class in highschool and so began my greatest passion, painting. Now, I'm try to blend all the creative activities that I enjoy and love so much. I am pretty much all over the place and need to figure out how to fly without crashing into buildings and telephone wires and such. I am beyond excited to be taking Kelly Rae's e-cource and getting know you and our fellow classmates better. Yours creatively, Beth Megquier

  4. They are beautiful! So glad you rescued them.


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