Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, my Sister, my Friend

There are better photographs of her and me, but this one, with its less than perfect color and all of its faults, is by far my favorite. Maybe because it is at a time when my memories of her really began to take root....I don't ever remember my mother being pregnant, but I do clearly remember the first time I saw her there in her Jenny Lind cradle in her pretty pale green room...and every year I tell her the same stories and every year she kindly listens to me go on about her pale green room and of slinging around her sock monkey by its tail and how I loved to hear her baby laughter as I did. She listens to the same stories as I tell her of how I loved to finish her baby food deserts and the sound of the tiny bubbles in her plastic bottle at night as she drifted off to sleep next to me...but this year, it seems so different, so much more intense; so much more special...because this year, she'll have a little one of her own. My baby sister, my only sibling, is having a baby now. A little nephew, who I'm sure will look much like the cheeky little face above, and who I know will completely steal my heart at first sight...he really already has.
Kelly Rae, I am in complete awe of you. I have so loved watching you become the incredibly talented (in so many ways!) and soulful and spirited woman you are. You bring such joy and such clarity to me and for that I am so deeply appreciative. You have been one of my greatest teachers and a healer when no one elses voice could calm my tearful ranting. You have brought me back to me so many times, and inspired me to dream bigger than I ever imagined. For all of my selfish, selfish reasons; I am so grateful you were born on this June day in 1975. I hold your memories inside of me like sacred points of light. Know that you live in my mind and in my heart  each and every single day. My sister, you make life so faceted and so lovely. Thank you for your grace.
Happy, Happy Birthday my sister, my friend!


  1. you just made me cry which isn't that hard to do for a pregnant hormonal lady but these tears weren't of the hormonal kind. they were of the kindness kind. thank you, sister. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is such a beautiful post! i have a younger sister of my own, who is only 14 now, but when she has a child of her own (one day in the distant future), it will be an emotional experience i'm sure. thank you for sharing in such a heartwarming post : )


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