Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Snapshot of Morning and a Question for You

     This morning, the light was filtering through the sheer curtains and the gauzy white Victorian dumpster-rescued dresses hanging in the bedroom windows, and I turned to find my little son staring back at me from the folds of his favorite blanket. We lay together in a sea of crisp white sheets and squishy feather pillows trimmed with antique lace. I wanted time to stay still. I wanted to always remember that moment....
     I feel so fortunate today to live in the midst of things that I love, things that speak to me in a positive way...things that tell the story of the years they were abandoned, unused and forgotten and then found again to be celebrated and cherished. I have been a firm believer in celebrating and elevating the ordinary for many years now. My journey began in 1995 when a dear friend gave me a copy of Simple Abundance, by Sarah BanBreathnach. It was a  book that deeply changed my life. It rescued me from despair about my living circumstances, and as I worked my way through her book that year, I was profoundly changed.
      My most cherished things have been rescued from dumpsters or found for a "song" at tag sale.
I'd love to hear about a belonging treasure and the story behind it. Did you find it in a dumpster? In the deep recesses of an old antique shop? On the side of the road perhaps? What story does it tell?


  1. Anonymous13 June, 2010

    I once found a girl who felt discarded and alone. She was on the shelf beside the other girls who felt empowered and important and superior. Even though she appeared completely ordinary this humble girl possessed a magical talent for revealing the beauty and meaning of everything she touched. This girl has turned out to be the "find" of a lifetime, changing my life in so many wonderful ways.

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