Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Would You do if You Knew You Couldn't Fail? (leave a comment for my GIVEAWAY!)

Today I am celebrating the official release of the summer issue of Somerset Life, and the article I wrote to be included with my artwork...

It had been awhile since I've written for publication, and I was hesitant about the work I had to offer, but I decided to take a chance. These words came to mind, "What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?" and so I asked the editor, dear Christen, if she would be interested..and she said YES! I never thought my humble decorated vintage oil can photograph displays would ever make it "out there", and I am so grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to be published.
I have always loved the idea of functional art. The oil can idea came to me last year as I was thinking of Christmas presents to give to my sister Kelly Rae and her husband and the old oil cans I had on the shelves in my studio came to mind. I was so excited about my new idea that I had to pull my car over to record it into my phone and make a little sketch...

I've been busy making more Sentinels and Oil Can Photograph holders for my shop, Sacred Cake, but I've only one set posted so far. You can see them here. Look for more coming very very soon!

****This week, I am giving away the smaller oil can featured in the Somerset Life publication. To enter the contest, leave a comment telling me in a sentence, what you would do if you knew you couldn't fail.
The contest ends next Wednesday, July 7th at midnight. Hope to see you!
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  1. Hooray! Published with such an amazing article! Love the vintage feel of your oil cans. They are beautiful!

    If I knew I couldn't would probably walk around the world. Yeah, sounds weird but imagine the wonderful things you would see.

  2. Fly, of course! Fly all over the world and into the outer space! Fly through the beautiful creations of the sky and stars we have!

  3. What a wonderful idea with the oil cans, so creative! Congratulations on the article, it looks great.

    If I knew I couldn't fail... I would spend the money for Photoshop, a scanner and printer!

  4. Hi congratulations on the beautiful article. I was glad to here that your excitement caused you to pull over. Next time my excitement gets there, I'm going to take action right away too, because of your inspiration, Thanks. Right now if I could not fail I would open an Etsy shop.

  5. Congrats- fab result all round; the idea, the result, the article :) If I knew I was not going to fail, I'd turn the stories I write into books.

  6. Beautiful article...If I knew I couldn't fail...I'd open an art school/studio/shop....mmm, what a dream:)

  7. Congratulations Jennifer, on your article, and the wonderful assemblage art and jewelry you create! I am already a big fact, I wear one of your assemblage necklaces often, and always get wonderful comments on it...because it is so beautiful and unique!

    Hmmm...if I knew I couldn't the future, I would probably try to become an art share my love of mixed media art with others. In fact, I was in your sister's first teaching class at Art and Soul...and I loved watching her go from artist to teacher in a matter of was a beautiful thing! :-)

    Gotta go check out that magazine tomorrow!


  8. if i knew i couldnt fail...i would paint the way my mind sees, and i would sing like i sound in my head.

    you already know how i feel about your art. awe struck.

  9. if i knew i would not fail i would study for a law degree then i would work in the area of women's rights.

    i am an advocate of this cause and in particular the area of violence towards women. i feel that women require a voice and advocacy for protection against domestic violence as well as an international voice against all violations against women.


  10. Hi Jennifer! Congratulations on your publication! You continue to amaze & inspire me!

    If I knew I could not fail I would.....start leaving "Random Acts of Art" everywhere I go, hoping that each piece would bless someone's soul & inspire them to create something beautiful for someone else.

  11. So happy for you. It's so nice to see loving people and their passion received well and supported!

    If I couldn't fail...I'd love to be published as an author. :)

  12. Yeah, love all your wonderful works! These are just adorable and so functional! Nice article!

    If I knew I couldn't fail, I would spend more time on my love of art/photography and open up an etsy shop, blog more, and put myself out there more in this area.

  13. Deborah H02 July, 2010

    I would quit my job and do my art!

  14. If I knew I couldn't fail I would put everything I own in storage for a year (or more!) to travel the world. I'd bring my journal, a small suitcase of art supplies + a list of all the people I'd love to meet. When I finally got tired I'd settle somewhere and open my very own shop with a house upstairs (or close by) in a town near the sea!

  15. If I knew I couldn't fail? Wow-I would buy an old warehouse I found and start an affordable gallery/studio for artists! I dream of having a large, airy space to work and would love to offer opportunities like that to others.

  16. wow! sweet lady! congrats :)
    if i couldn't fail .. man! i'd do it all!!!!!
    keep making art and it would pay my bills and inspire people to love themselves and others and to never give up! i'd serve God in braver ways then i do now..
    i'd have kids, i'd travel the world, i'd move to hawaii ..
    i'd do everything single thing i'd ever dreamed as long as i knew it was God's will for me :)
    but really failing is part of the beauty i suppose :)

  17. Congratulations on your article! All of your creations are beautiful....

    If I knew we wouldn't fail....We would quit our jobs, I'd become a fulltime artist, my husband would secure a great job, and we'd move back home and into our rental house 300 miles away....

  18. If I knew I could not fail I would hitch up a tricked out Vardo or vintage Air Stream decorated in Bohemian splendor and travel the Flea Market and Art Show Circuits across the Country... creating my Art full time and enjoying having a wanderlust Sabbatical of epic proportions while creating beautiful wearable Art in the great Outdoors with no restrictions on my time or destinations... that would be Heaven on Earth to me to have such freedom and Artistic freedom above all.

    Dawn ... The Bohemian


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