Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Black and Blue and other Stuff

I try to post more often, but where does the time go? I am finding it hard, still, to balance work with play with blogging with twitter with website with etsy with relationships with laundry with raising kids...and on top of it all, exhaustion is back again and not feeling so hot these days (again). I forget, when my health is pretty great, as it has been for exactly ONE month out of the past 7 of them, that I have this damn disease. I forget that I can't push myself too hard. I can't stay up too late or eat bad food or get less sleep or forget my medicine. To be honest, it kinda pisses me off. And yup, I'm getting older. There is so much I want to do and time seems so limited....and then I feel so dumb and ungrateful for uttering a single peep about my life when so many folks out there have it far, far worse. So what's an ungrateful, overwhelmed, sick and sometimes, angry gal to do? She makes pretty things in black and blue.
(click on the picture above if you'd like to see more)
(getting pretty good at photos with my trusty old AA battery powered Sony Cybershot 7.2 megapixel, eh?)

AND what else does she do?
She celebrates the moments that make life so incredibly beautiful. Moments like this:

My youngest with his birthday PIE. Key Lime to be exact.


  1. ooooo
    I love those black earrings! sculptural black cabs- yum!

  2. Oh! I just LOVE this photo of your little guy with his birthday pie! What a picture and memory to cherish...truly priceless!

  3. You're allowed to get down with the weight of life; but I LOVE that you always get back up again and with such beautiful pics (jewelry and son)! :-)

  4. I am sorry you are feeling badly-but you handle it so beautifully! So often it is a struggle to be creative yet you do it so effortlessly-in spite of not feeling 100%-your are amazing and inspiring! Sending warm and healing prayers to you-

  5. While my heart smiles at your beautiful new creations (especially the mourning buttons - Wow!), it is saddened to hear that you yourself are feeling "black and blue". Know that you continue to be in my prayers, friend. Sending healing hugs your way, Karen P.S. Your son is absolutely precious! :)


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