Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quilts of a Thousand Prayers; an interview with an extraordinary woman, Cindi Tyburski

My beautiful quilt, a gift from Cindi. Also, my most favorite pillow from her shop.
(a small excerpt from our Etsy conversations)
ME: "I've been feeling awful...barely able to finish the day...and not sleeping well...
I want you to know that your quilt has become a comfort for me...I actually hold it like a child would a security blanket throughout the day when things are particularly bad..."
CINDI: "I often wear a quilt too--my mom made one for me--she calls it the quilt of a thousand prayers. It makes me feel better, I can feel her love."
I met Cindi on Etsy a couple of months ago, when I discovered her shop filled with lovely one of a kind pillows, vintage pre-cut sheet bundles for quilting, baby quilts and even colorful quilt kits...through our written conversations, Cindi has become quite an inspiration to me as she battles her own rare illness and  keeps her spirit strong with her unwavering faith in the divine, through her creativity, and selfless giving. Cindi uses the proceeds from her etsy shop sales to buy supplies to make quilts for children fighting cancer.
I asked her a few questions so you could get to know her and be inspired by her and her lovely work.

part of my personal pillow collection! Perfect on the vintage sofa...

more beautiful vintage Barkcloth  pillows...
ME: "Cindi, tell me a bit about how you got started with quilting and how you got started creating quilts for children with cancer."

CINDI: "I began to sew when I was 5, my mom would let me sit in her lap. I would steer the fabric and she would press the pedal. We made baby doll clothes and later clothes for me. I have a truly wonderful Mom.
      I started making quilts for kids battling cancer a long time ago. Something about quilts is magical to me--they carry healing and I think of these children and their brave strong spirits. I pray for them, even though I don't know who will get what quilt. It seems God and/or His Angels somehow guide these efforts. One of our recent receipients was a little boy who had a brain tumor. His pastor had visited the day before my daughter delivered his quilt. His pastor told him that "FROGS" was to be his word, he was to say it if he was sad or scared. His pastor said the meaning: Forever Rely on God's Son. He loved his FROG quilt and his Mama said that she couldn't get it away from him to even get it in the wash. (She sleeps with it now and it brings her comfort.)"

ME: "I love the vintage bark cloth you use in your pillows, what is your most favorite medium?"

CINDI: "Vintage Sheets, bright colors, and whimsical cotton quilting fabric."
pillow currently in Cindi's shop (click image to be taken there!)

vintage quilt kit. all you have to do is sew it together!

 ME: "Tell me what you do when you feel discouraged?"

CINDI: "I really don't get discouraged. For me thinking of these brave children means I have nothing to ever be discouraged about. You see, no matter what, they show extraordinary strength of spirit and love so pure. They are my inspiration."

Please stop by Cindi's Etsy shop and see what's new! She is an extraordinary woman  who I am so grateful to know and introduce to you. I love knowing that the things I purchase from her shop help a very special cause...bringing comfort to sick children. Her work is impeccable, creative and just beautiful. You can seriously feel the love she puts into it.

With Love and Light,
Jennifer Valentine


  1. so this is where you've been hearting those vintage sheet assortments from! I love vintage bedding for use as fabric- seeing those in your favorites made me wish i could sew. Your quilt is GORGEOUS- I love that its just squares.

  2. This is such an inspiring post! Thank you for introducing Cindi, her quilts are very beautiful! :-)


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