Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assemblage Jewelry Angel Ornaments, a nifty holiday project idea

I had an order for quite a few ornaments recently and wanted to share some of them with you. It is a fairly simple project, that will hopefully stir your imagination as well!

What you will need:
large vintage filigree piece
photograph of a small face for the center
some clear plastic or celophane to cover the center
vintage jewelry parts and pieces
old buttons
old chandelier crystal (also found on ebay or
e-6000 glue (found at walmart, online, or at a craft store)
aged ribbon or seam binding
diamond glaze
sheet music or decorative paper

each one with crinkled aged seam binding ribbon hanger
each have different vintage chandelier crystal dangles
sweet little vintage boy angel ornament
Cut the angel's face a bit larger than the hole in the filigree, along with a piece of mica, or plastic. I used a piece of old yellowed plastic on some and a piece of Mica on the others. Glue the circle of Mica on to the back of the filigree by beading a little glue around the opening. Place the plastic disc over the opening and clamp the edges with small clamps or press under a book. Be sure to put a piece of plastic, like a ziploc bag between the ornament and the book, so the book doesn't stick to your ornament.
Working with one ornament at a time, coat the plastic on the back with a coat of diamond glaze and firmly press the photo onto the plastic. Press out any air bubbles. Don't worry, imperfection is part of the charm!
Now, turn your angel over and add your embellishments. I used vintage jewelry parts and pieces, antique mother of pearl buttons and seam binding ribbon that I aged myself with walnut ink. Be sure to wear safety glasses when removing the backs from old jewelry.
E-6000 glue is self leveling, so the backs of your vintage parts do not have to be completely flat, though it helps to sand them down as flat as possible. I use a dremel tool, but a basic metal file works well too.
For the backs of the ornament, I glued on a square of scalloped vintage sheet music to cover.
antique little girl's face ornament
If you don't want to cut an old photo, just make a copy of it on your computer, like I did. I used three different sweet little faces for my angels. You can even make these with photographs of your own children or ancestors...these are too cute to store away after Christmas! They make very cute decor wherever you need a bit of cheer and sparkle!
***If you'd like me to create one for you, just leave a comment with your email address (it will absolutely not be published), and how many you'd like. The price is 18.00 each plus 3.00 to ship, and will be billed to you by my business Paypal account through the email address you provide. I can most certainly make these with any photograph you'd like, or the ones I have shown here. Each one will be one of a kind!
antique angel baby ornament
Stay tuned for more holiday projects!
Blessings and Light,
Jennifer Valentine of Sacred Cake

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  1. these are adorable! is there one made with benji's picture on your tree? love them! and you!


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