Sunday, January 29, 2012

Assemblage Wedding Jewelry, My Brides, and Birthin' Babies

one of "my brides" rockin' a hair comb & earrings from Sacred Cake!    
close up...assemblage comb with matching earrings
vintage assemblage bridal comb, silver, rhinestones, and leaves
 I always, always love it when i get a sweet little surprise message from one of "my brides"...I thought this particular photo was great! There she is, in her lovely wedding dress, wearing the assemblage earrings and the bridal comb that i made with a Rolling Stones jacket over her shoulder! Don'tcha love that?

Lovely Sam with her Brooch Bouquet (she made that!) (I made the hair combs!)
For Sam's wedding, I made these matching combs for her and her maid of honor, Danielle~

And I'm at it again with my favorite pallet of shabby whites and antiqued gold. I am particularly smitten with antique buttons. Have been for ages. They are like tiny works of art in themselves. Have I said that before? I'm sure I have somewhere along the way. I spend way too much time sifting through the buttons at my favorite antique haunt. It is like some strange form of meditation for me.
Forest. antique assemblage bridal earrings from Sacred Cake

antique Victorian picture button earrings from Sacred Cake

Lately, my days are filled with helping Em care for sweet baby Benjamin, my assemblage jewelry work, and helping my oldest daughter prepare for her baby heard me right. They swear they didn't plan it that way, this double grandma whammy thing going on. Benji was just born in November and little baby Vincent is due the beginning of March. I'll be there when he is born too. And I think that will be about all I can take of birthin' them babies for awhile!
our sweet grandson, baby Benjamin
 See you again soon. Thank you so much for being here today!

Jennifer Valentine
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  2. Oooooooh! That little boy is heaven.

  3. Beautiful work and gorgeous grandson - though I'm rather biased when it comes to Benjamins....


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