Thursday, February 02, 2012

And Finally, the Winners of the Assemblage Earrings Raffle and Sacred Cake Gift Certificate

I'm still a bit "under the weather", but I managed to get to the drawing finished today using a random number generator from Each person was assigned a number beginning from the number one and the first person to the last name on the list and their numbers. I used the random number generator to pick the twelve assemblage earrings recipients and the gift certificate winner.  I already have your address from your Paypal donation invoice, so unless your address is different, no need to do anything but wait for your little package in the mail!
And the recipients of the peridot assemblage earrings in memory of Kimberly are~

Corey H.
Jacqueline M.
Becky's R.
Jennifer H.
Diane C.
Elizabeth B.
Karen S.
Juanita H.
Cheryl Z.
Heather P.
Susan M.
Cheryl B.

AND the gift certificate goes to Catherine D. ! (Catherine, please contact me through my shop at to receive your coupon code.)

Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone for participating and helping a grieving family in need. May your lives be blessed.

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  1. Gratitude. And prayers for a return to health-thinking of you daily!


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