Monday, February 17, 2014

Slipping into Something More Comfortable

Ladies, let's face it. My waist 'aint what it used to be. So at about 40 years and five children later, my waist decided it wanted OUT. I'll be 45 in a couple months and I have not seen it since.
Did my waist line ever exist? I think it actually left the building. I am working on weight loss, but it has been a slow process. It has been about lifestyle changes, breaking old cake habits (new cake, old cake, birthday cake, coffee cake, anykinda cake) and trying to work in more exercise. I've lost two dress sizes this past year, but I'm not certain my waist will ever come back no matter how hard I look for it. One thing is certain, the good lord made clothes for us waist challenged ladies. I've taken to low slung jeans, with a wide cuff, a pair of cute comfy shoes and a sweater or a tank and a funky jacket for those hot flash kind of moments....I'm either freezing or boiling and nary the twain shall meet.
I wanted to share with you some easy to wear goodies I've discovered over at my favorite handmade marketplace, ETSY.
Whenever I complete a major milestone, or a big project I've worked hard on, I reward myself with something pretty. Recently, I bought two more beautiful hand dyed vintage slips from a favorite shop called MIREIO on Etsy. Wende is so kind, she keeps an eye out for slips in a larger size and lets me know when she's made them up. Not only are they hand dyed to perfection, she makes an amazingly beautiful flower pin that matches the slip color.
These are perfect for layering, wearing to bed, wearing under a favorite denim jacket...perfect for travel. I wear mine over leggings or jeans with a cute thrifted jacket. (I am ALL about thrifted finds.)
My Hand Dyed Vintage Slip Collection from Mireio

A Slip from Wende's beautiful Travel Pretty Collection
Another lovely shop I've found, and have loved for an eternity is Pamela Tang on Etsy. Her clothes are generous and forgiving with just a little fitting where it counts. After years of waiting, I finally purchased a lovely duck egg blue linen pinafore that I've long coveted.
It was a defining moment for me to finally "gift" myself with such a pretty piece. All the way from Australia...made just for me.
just for me
Photo from Pamela Tang on Etsy
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  1. Jennifer, you are beautiful! Inside and out. I'm so touched by this post (wow, those photographs are stunning) and it's lovely to be included with the talented Pamela Tang. Her work is extraordinary!

    Thank you so, so much! xoxo ~Wende

  2. Oh how I know what you mean about the waistline! I turned 47 last month and I am trying to accept the fact that I won't look like I was in my 20s again and to embrace the new / old me while just being healthy. :)


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