Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Green Statement Jewelry, soothing wearable art

vintage peridot rhinestone statement necklace 
There is something about the color green that is immediately soothing. In these statement necklaces and earrings that I create, it evokes in me a feeling of quiet woodlands, ferns and maple trees dancing in dappled light, contemplation and stillness. Things that, as of late, I seem to require more and more to survive life at the speed of light. I became 50 this year, and the days seem to disintegrate into darkness faster and faster. I need  calm. I need green. Lots of green.
    There is something magical in these pieces. When the green glass stones emerge from the soupy concoction I use to remove their old foil backs, and they are rinsed and dried and lying on the counter in the treasures that delight my senses in some ancient way. Something covetous. Something deep in me sighing and in love with the way the light plays on the transparent glass.

You can find my work on ETSY.

 Light Green Statement Necklace

Emerald earrings 

Pale green, olive statement  necklaces

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