Friday, September 03, 2010

Making a Comeback

This is me lately. unaltered. sick. unwaxed eyebrows. in terrible need of a haircut and dye refresher. dark- dark circles. in pajamas most of the day... but right now, this is my reality. It is days and weeks like I've been having that make me realize how precious it is to have feel really good. To move freely. To bend and twist and dance...
I've been angry at my body. I've been weepy. I've felt sorry for myself briefly....but I don't stay down long. I suffer from chronic pain, nerve damage and spurts of extreme exhaustion. Finally diagnosed with a disease (Fabry's Disease) that makes all of these things finally make sense and I am truly thankful for that. What used to come and go, now just hangs around all day and all night, at times reducing me to tears of frustration...but this I know: the show must go on...and there are those out there so much worse off than I am. There are children out there suffering from much worse and I've already been blessed with 39 years of feeling good and lots of chances for yoga and dancing.
I am still hopeful, and grateful to be alive. And I have managed to make some things while I've been away.

Just some simple things for the shop. (available here)

Thank you listening to me ramble a bit. I've missed you all and I've thought of you every. single. day. that I've been away. The pull to the computer has been overshadowed by the pull to the bed. But I don't stay down for long. Nope. I don't.