Friday, September 24, 2010

Plain Brown Wrapper

I only have the picture in my mind. I didn't know I'd have this encounter....
The other day my husband and I went to the cemetery for a visit, which was bordering a pasture......we saw the horses from the highway.
I noticed the large and simple brown horse in the pasture next to where I was standing and walked over to get a closer look...what happened next was so magical, I don't think I'll forget it. Not for a long time.
He saw me and began to gallop, not trot or walk, but gallop toward me. I used to care for horses years ago near Seattle, and I could feel the velvet of his ears and the smell of his neck before he ever got to where I was. When he got to me at the edge of the forest brush and barbwire fence, he stood there within arms reach, flicking his haunches to ward off the pesky flies; like he was waiting for something...I reached over the spiked fence to touch the softness of his neck with my finger tips. I spoke to him of his majesty and beauty and thanked him for coming to me; and we stood there together for the longest time. He was so plain, just brown and nothing else, yet so incredibly beautiful. Brown was all he needed.

I see that in so many people...the beauty in the plainness. I see it a lot here in this very unglamorous small town. Makeup-less faces and pony tails and tanned faces worn by hardness and years under the sun. Weathered hands roughened by farming and fixing things...there is beauty there in the plainness. the roughness. the weathered lines....The plain brown wrapper of life. This beautiful, beautiful, unpredictable life....