Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Adventures of Cutie Bear (named by my 5 year old) and the Christmas Tree

This year, it has taken me quite awhile to decorate the tree. I just finished wiring on the last vintage chandelier crystal last night...and debating on whether to make paper chain this year.... We have two new kittens in the house, which bring us so much joy, but they also bring us exercises in patience! I have had to actually wire the ornaments on to the you can see in the video, I've done a nice job so far. And only two glass icicle casualties so far this year.
I've been told to squirt the kittens with a squirt gun to train them to stay out of the tree, but I just don't have the heart to do alas, every now and again I hear the tree tinkling loudly in the other room and smile to myself for a job very well done.

In other news, the sale in my Etsy shop is still in full swing until December 1st. I have everything marked at 5% off, then you get another 20% off with coupon code: THANKSGIVING2010
See you soon!
Love and Light,
Cutie at Rest. (Thank God.)