Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tin Toy Ornament Ideas

I have a fondness for old toys. The more beat up, the better! I like to think of the many lives they have had and the little hands that played with them and loved them....
Though I bought them with assemblage in mind, I decided to make ornaments with them this year, using vintage crystals and some wire....pretty simple to do. And fast. That's a real plus when life goes by at the speed of light as mine does! I know now why some folks (like me this year), put their trees up in November. I want to make Christmas last as long as humanly possible. Having an amazing artificial tree (thanks mom) that we've had for many years makes that possible! I love white lights, glass icicles, vintage chandelier crystals and old toys on the tree. I'd love to have antique and vintage photographs on the tree, but we are having trouble keeping the kittens out of it. I don't worry about the glass ornaments because I actually wire them onto the branches! Ah, well....we really get such joy from our animals!
Vintage Blue Willow Child's Tea Pot Ornament

Simple directions for the ornaments:
Drill small holes in the top and bottom of the plate and add wire and crystal as desired....for the tea pot, just insert a small dowel into the spout and drill a small hole to insert the wire and crystal.
I have more ideas for ornaments, so check back again soon!
Oh, yes, I also tie vintage toy guns, from my husband's collection,onto the tree with antique lace. I guess because a many decades ago, they would put presents on the tree...reminds me of simpler times, you know?
Vintage toy Derringer

Vintage Tin Toy Ornaments