Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atlantic City Assemblage Necklace and a Little Story Too

When I was a child, I spent most of the summers with my dear grandparents in  New Jersey. I hold young memories of Atlantic City, softened with age...riding the huge ferris wheel and the far flung swings...the fortune telling machines and the smell of the salty ocean air...the drifts of sand along the boardwalk...the smell of the wide sun-baked planks under my feet. I remember the sweet cotton candy (always the blue, not pink) and the welcome respite of cool shaded booths filled with cheap touristy things...I imagine where this little pin has been, but I do know where it started the hands of a hopeful, smiling tourist...maybe a couple on their honeymoon... or maybe in the fist of a little girl just like me.

I just had to make this necklace when I came across this wonderful vintage tourist pin in a recent purchase of "junk" jewelry....and it has been so long since I've told a story associated with my work.

I like this one...Yes, I like this story.