Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Birds and Blossoms on my Brain, vintage assemblage jewelry

ice drops on the big tree out front
taken just this past week
It has been such a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg winter. There is still snow on the ground here in Michigan and I hear birds singing (FINALLY) outside, which means that spring is coming. It is a welcome relief from the subzero windchill that has been happening lately. I haven't been outside much this winter...I'm happy to watch it from the warmth of our home, which I am so grateful for.
I've been thinking about spring and weddings and flowers and little girls and buttons lately among other things. It helps to keep my mind off of my defective body parts and yesterdays visit to the ER (instead of going to church as planned) at the insistence of my dear husband, who was concerned for me. I'm having back trouble again...the kind that makes me afraid to move. It has been awhile since this ol' spine of mine has misbehaved so badly....and I had forgotten all about it really, until yesterday. I'm thinking it must be the change in weather...but I am recovering.
Anyway, I've been working on some new things here and there. I so adore these antiqued brass birds I've acquired and I want to put them on everything! (though so far I have resisted.)
I am so excited to be working on another order for Declaration Boutique this week. It is an amazing shop in St. Augustine, Florida that carries my vintage assemblage hair combs and earrings. I am so grateful to Heidi for her trust and confidence in my work.

Flight of Fancy Necklace

gold plated feather hairpins

antiqued brass bird hairpin
 with antique mirrored glass cabochon

Stay tuned for another giveaway, OK? (I love doing those!) I'll be back again sooner this time, than later.
THANK YOU for being here, and for taking the time to read my words and such. It means so much to me. it really does.


  1. hey! between my hands and your back... ouch. there's snow still here, too. ah, well. inside its all etsy and butterflies. I but your necklace from your last blog post on my blogpost from tonight- its all about the crazy grandma vibe.
    sending healing thoughts and hugs.

  2. We had snow for the morning the other day both otherwise the winter weather forecast is about the same for another couple months. We have 20 ways to describe rain.

    I love the birds. Birds remind me to fly when I feel grounded. :) Hope you're feeling better, sending healing prayers your way.

    And thanks for following our blog. It was lonely with no faces down there. You're a dear. :)

  3. I am in love with that dream necklace!! Ohhhla la! Glad to see you are back home! Hold on tight spring is around the corner...I was walking around without a jacket..maybe my current condition.hhmmm

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  5. The sun was beautiful in Indiana today but the wind chill...ohhh too cold here too. I'm so happy to see you are working and enjoying looking outside and dreaming, ah yes, dreaming of spring. Your new blog house looks gorgeous and so are you my dear. Take care of yourself and one day we will paint.
    love you ox

  6. I hope your back is feeling better & spring comes soon to you. We are just seeing cherry blossoms on the trees. I shared some photographs on my blog, just in case you need a little spring early. Your jewelry is beautiful! ~Theresa

  7. I was worried about you because no news on Sacred Cake's blog is NOT good news! Hope this finds you well and happy, Jennifer. Praying for you and sending healing hugs...
    Love, Karen xoxoxoxo

  8. Oh Jennifer I had a giggle at your wintery words... I feel like saying it's been such a loooooooong summer!!! Trade you!!! Thankyou so much for stopping by - and I'll pray for your back too lovely... Big hugs,
    X Donna


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