Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Vintage Assemblage Wedding Jewelry

butterfly collar
vintage crystals and tiny celluloid flowers
I've been almost obsessing on a neutral palette lately. Toning the shiny golds down to antiqued tones...and relishing the new tiny antique glass flowers and leaves I recently bought to play with (more about those soon!). My mind is very much taken over by jewelry for little flower girls and on weddings and spring...maybe it is a way to relieve the constant chill that the thick snow leaves in this Florida semi-native's bones...(I was born in Jersey but I'm mostly from Florida, and a little from Seattle and Michigan, if that makes sense.)

ah, but I love the idea of creating something that someone will wear during one of the most precious days of her life...yeah....I think it is more about that............it's really much more about that.
By the way, Layaway is now available at my shop. Just stop by and ask about details on something you might like.