Saturday, January 29, 2011

The World's Best, Not So Best Kept Secret

Well, I wanted to tell you I'm having a Valentine's Sale in the shop. 15% off of everything in the shop, including vintage items, with coupon code "VALENTINE2011" at checkout.
and I made a new banner and profile square for such an occasion:

What I really wanted to tell you about was this amazing site that I've found that has amazing FREE downloadable vintage and antique graphics!
I used quite a few of her free images for my Etsy banner and icon.
This site is a load of fun if you enjoy playing with graphic design elements. I have an almost degree in graphic design, and though hands-on creating with vintage and antique things is my passion, I still thoroughly enjoy making the occasional banner or add, or card. This website makes it so easy to find things with cataogories and such.
Here are a couple of quickie banners I've made for a couple of my favorite Etsy shops:

(Click on the banners to be taken to the shops!)
I hope everyone has a great Sunday! See you again soon.


  1. The new banner and profile box are beautiful and remind me of a good old-fashioned Valentine's Day - my favorite kind. :) Hugs & Kisses to you, Jennifer! Karen

  2. Hi there and thanks for the link! Your banners are lovely! Saw you in the Artful Blogging mag. and really admire your creations. Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. I LOVE the new banner and avatar! They are just what I wanted for you. I guess when I was saying 'white' I meant old-paper color...
    BTW, stop by my blog. There's a little something about you and your largesse.


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