Friday, March 18, 2011

It's All Secretly Perfect

I've been many ways I've been away, trying to recover from yet another illness...and trying to recover from some things in my life that have left me speechless. I simply can't form the words...and it just isn't something I can share here.
Life has become, for me, a stark contrast of light and of dark.... there is such amazing light, because I choose to live there in that space. But the dark lurks behind the corners of my eyes and brings tears of frustration and grief that I fight to tame....and more questions come as I cling to my core belief that it is, in fact, all secretly perfect.
So, here today, I just want to share some light....and a little peek into my home...a place that has become more and more a haven of rest and joy. Where the scent of Hyacinths, brought to me by my sweet K.W.,  just today, wafts through the air and light comes through the antique dresses and lace hanging in the windows.

I wanted to share a little bit of a before and after with you today.
K.W. surprised me recently with this antique (and very wonderfully shabby) cabinet we spied during one of our favorite pastimes: JUNKING. The price was so right that it was irresistible!
Here is the before:

Our youngest explores the new arrival...

Pooka and Alice explore the new arrival...
...and then I filled it with my personal treasures...I left all of the old, torn antique layers of wallpaper in tact....almost all of my treasures were found on our excursions to local antique shops. Sometimes I can even get my older kids in on the junking is always fun to hear their exclamations of surprise when they find something they think is "so cool!"

 a chamber pot from the late 1800's, bird s&p shakers
and parts of my "old bird stuff" collection

my most favorite treasures are the really stained
and chipped and uber neglected ones.
my prize is the old pitcher on the top shelf without its handle. 

blue willow vintage child's plate and crystal is one of many
very shabby Christmas ornaments I made this year
that I couldn't bear to put away!
 I've begun writing in favorite journal again today. I never seem to find time to write unless I am writing here. My journal is by one of my favorite artists Sabrina Ward Harrison.
This is the journal I chose because it spoke so loudly to me recently. (and I love the happy colors) On the cover is says "It's All Secretly Perfect"...and I need that reminder sometimes. You can see it or purchase it (or one like it) by clicking on the journal. It is on sale now for 11.00 at Papaya, one of my favorite sites. Quite a bargain! It is reversible, opens up flat, and has nice thick pages for painting and gluing and such.
So now, at almost 9 p.m., I close the curtains against the night as I type in front of this huge picture window on the world. I have some work to do...earrings to make and orders to wrap in pretty blue boxes....
Here is a sneak peek of what's coming to the shop tomorrow...

more wedding jewelry from vintage elements, I love
the super shabby elements of the hair comb...
See you all again soon...thank you for being here and reading these words...sharing your life and your time with me means so much. Love and Light to you all.